Question about Youtube.

I use a website called to rip vids off youtube and download them in any format I like (legally of course :coffee: ). I actually just want the sound though. Standard WIV. Is there any program or site that lets you rip Youtube audio. Been aching to gather old school gaming music.

Another random question kind of unrelated. Does anyone know any software that can change FLV vids to MP4 format for my PSP? PSP video 9 and other programs dont allow for it.

Any help would be appreciated.

This is what I use for the former. Encodes them to mp3. Not too sure about video coverter though.

i would also try a program called total recorder. its been around forever and works well for your need of just audio.

edit. the site mentioned above seems to be optimal actually.

Cool. Thanks a lot for that website.

Problem is, it keeps on cutting off in the middle and saying “file not saved, aborting”

Is that normal. It’s happened at least a dozen times. What am I supposed to do after I enter the URL and press “GO”

I use this to rip audio from my video files.

P.S. there’s an easier way to rip files. Time to quote myself =)

Put the code in a bookmark to make things easier. When you need it, just drag it to the address bar and alter it to your needs

Just curious guys, I have been trying to use this website, , but it doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone explain if they have had any success with this site and if they are able to actually download the music using it?

I have. I’ve used it for several projects when I needed certain sound bytes.

If that website doesn’t work then there’s probably a few clones of it. I made my girl’s little brother use a site like that when he was trying to get on Limewire at my house. The audio quality was bad but he was playing them using the PSP’s built-in speakers.

Theres alot of sites which let you save youtube vidoes and some even convert them for you. The ones that convert them are often down or have errors.

The site I use is because it lets you download from multiple sites (like daily motion and others) and you can save as a .FLV or higher quality .MP4.

Then to convert them I use WinFF. Its a freeware converter that converts in almost any format you’re gonna use.

i was using vixy also up until a couple days ago when it spazzed out. since then listentoyoutube has worked fine for me, not sure what the problem could be.

currently i either use youtubemp4 (if you’re watching a video on youtube, just type “mp4” after “youtube” in the address bar) or to download the video, and then for conversions i use xvid4psp, which will convert video to mp3, and also does flv -> mp4 like you talked about.

under one of the download things someone says “i’m not sure why they called this xvid4psp, as it’ll turn just about anything into just about anything.” so far that’s turned out to be true for me as well.

i use AoA audio extractor. free program that rips audio from .flv files. look it up on the goog.