Question about Zangief's SPD

Okay so I’m kind of a noob when it comes to frame data…but in Zangief’s frame data it says that any version of his SPD has a 2f startup and 2f active. Now his EX SPD has 4f startup and 2f active. Now what I understand by this is that his EX SPD comes out SLOWER…but isn’t it the other way around? I mean they always say the EX SPD is like one of the fastest moves in the game, but according to the SRK wiki, it says EX SPD has 4f to startup? I don’t get it =l

Also I wanted to know what it meant when in startup it said like 2 numbers (eg. 1 + 0) In Zangief’s U1 for example it says Startup (1 + 0 ), what does it mean. Also if a grab says it’s active for 2f, that means you can grab within 2 frames right? So the animation of an SPD would be considered part of the recovery frames?

2 frame startup means SPD is active on the second frame for 2 frames.

-EX SPD is active on 4th frame for 2 frames but has invincibility at startup. 4 frames is still pretty quick but EX SPD can be thrown
-The animation for recovery only happens on whiff so the opponent knows to do Ultraaaaaa Coooooommmmbooo - 1+0 means move is active on first frame- aka zero frame startup/active on first frame
-A grab being active for 2 frames means that for 2 frames only if the command grab box intersects with their throwable box they get scooped.

Okay, and for example his U2 says it has 1 + 2 Startup, what’s that supposed to mean?

I am pretty sure for Supers and Ultras that are listed as (1+X) the first number is for the super or ultra freeze; and the second number is for the remaining frames to activation.
So for Blizzard:
1+2 means 1 frame freeze followed by additional 2f startup to become active on third

Ah I see, so basically you can’t get out of any Ultra grab that comes out at 0~2 frames right? I’m not sure but was it that jumping took 3f to startup? ( I know that’s just a random question but I was wondering about it). Because I remember reading that Honda’s U2 was nerfed in AE and you can now jump out of it (just like Guy’s U2). Does it mean it has a 3f startup? (Assuming jumping is 3f)

This should have all of your answers:

Super Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki

That’s because you can’t be thrown out of the start-up of a jump. So if you hold up on frame n, you can’t be thrown on the very next frame (n+1) because you would be on your prejump frames at n+1, even if you aren’t airborne yet.

That means that you can jump out of every throw ultra / super that isn’t 1+0. If Zangief’s Ultra 1 were 1+1 you’d be able to jump out of it as long as you held up during the Ultra flash (n), because on frame 1 you’d already be on your pre-jump frames (n+1). The perfect example is Balrog’s U2, which is 1+1, and it’s basically useless because you can always jump out of it.

With Honda’s U2 no longer being 1+0 (it’s probably 1+1 now), he can no longer use it in set-ups like HHS>>FADC>>U2 or empty jump U2, or tick into U2, because the opponent will be able to simply hold up during the flash (like Balrog’s U2 is now). He’ll have to use it as a punisher now, and that’s why they simplified the command to QCBx2 and increased the reach.

Read the section 3.5 “On Jumping” in the Wiki linked by GuruPrimo. It explains in great detail what goes on at every frame of a jump.