Question before I get this game


nevermind. dumb question.

but i was wondering. how is the net code in this game? only reason im stepping away from umvc is cause of the bad net code since online is mostly how i get to play others.


really goood


even on wifi?


dunno depends on your internet the netcode of the game ain’t going to change because you have wifi or something… get a better connection simple as, i’ve played people on 1 bar and 0 and it great… at least in my experiences also go on google or use the search bar on SRK im assuming someone already talked about the netcode


Stay away from players that have a 0 bar connection…you don’t want to gamble this one because in almost all cases, it’s going to be terrible and you will regret ever starting the match. If you (or the opponent) leaves during the match, both players are penalized and with enough penalties, your name becomes red and you are considered a ragequitter even if you might not have ever ragequit. Just not worth gambling on a 0 bar connection. 1 bar is usually tolerable, 2-4 bar is generally very good unless the person has an unstable internet connection that fluctuates rapidly.


I get better connections in P4A than pretty much any other fighting game other than things that use GGPO like skullgirls and 3rd strike.

It is definitely leagues better than marvel’s netcode


There’s no fixing people with shitty internet connections, most 0 bars will still be unplayable (though surprisingly, not all of them). But among people near your area/with a good connection, the game plays great. It’s not GGPO, but it’s definitely massively better than Marvel.

It shines when your connection to someone is in that mid range of ‘OK, but not great’ (i.e. 2~3 bars). In Marvel, that usually translates to anywhere from “bad, but bearable” to “completely unplayable”. In this game it’s almost always laggy for the first few seconds (or more if someone is lame and skips the match intro while the game is adjusting to the connection), then completely smooth for the entirety of the rest of the match.


thanks for the advice guys! i went ahead and got the game. i typically get 5 bars on marvel and you guys are right! this is definitely wayyy ahead of marvel

a 2-3 bar connection on this already feels better than a 5 bar on marvel imo.