Question bout super cancels in kof2000-2002

damn, I’m too lazy to look at a large ass gamefaqs thread of kof games…can anyone help me on how to actually do a super cancel on kof 2000-2002? thanx.

for 2000 u need to activate counter mode my pressing ABC and then u get unlimited meter for a limited time. during that time u get the ability to super cancel ur specials. works with DM’s but not SDM’s :confused:

2k1- to super cancel a special do normally as anyone would do in a capcom game. also it takes 1 power stock to super cancel so if u wanted to to K9999 to do his SDM after his qcf+p u’ll need at least 3 stocks stored.

also take note that only certain moves can be super cancel’d and the timing for to do a cancel is shorter than any capcom game