Question concerning gatesI

I have a friend who has a SE stick, but after trying both octagonal and square gates he prefers octagonal. Since Christmas is coming up, I was planning on getting him an octagonal gate. The problem is that i’m not certain if a Sanwa 8-way jlf will fit a SE stick. Does anyone know if it will? The part would be this

It does fit. The madcatz se was designed to be sanwa parts clone.

if the stick in the se is stock, you might want to consider buying him a JLF as well. It took me considerable effort to remove the square gate on my SE spare and i damaged the stock gate and the main body (the black part) just trying to remove it. My sanwa gate fit just fine, but i damaged that as well removing it. The parts are still usable, it just bugs me knowing I left some marks trying to remove them.

Thanks for the help