Question: do people out there collect old controller parts?

I’m not soliciting right now. For one, I’m not eligible to sell on SRK. I would simply prefer not to throw functional parts into the trash can especially if someone out there wants them.

So simply stated, is there a demand for working parts of a Dualshock3, i.e. anything but the casing and physical buttons? If so, I’ll keep it in a safe place until I earn the right to sell it on SRK. If there’s likely no demand, I will try to dispose of the parts in a responsible fashion.


The only think I might keep are the rubber contact pads for controllers.

a pcb with that mini usb plug part, no need for buttons. might like a wireless stick.

Some people like it for AXISAdapters for wireless mods. It depends on how new of a DS3 you have, but likely, if you’ve got them old, they can connect to these PCBs for wireless builds. I’m sure if the price was right, people would go for some DS3 PCBs.