Question for all you Sagat users ( Not a QQ )

Whenever I play my roommate, who mains Sagat the only way he can beat me is to turtle and spam Low/High Fireballs, As soon as I jump in I get kneed. I’m not complaining about this tactic. Win however you can win as long as its legal. Though I am getting a bit annoyed at this. I know I could just keep jumping straight up over them, but this does not progress the match in any way, I play Ryu and can’t beat him in just a spam war, his eventually reach mine.

So I ask you Sagat users, How should I beat this?

get into a zone that it is unsafe to throw shots. Tatsu over the low shots. Or back up so you can jump over a shot safely to get into mid screen. Once you are at that zone that is risky for him to throw shots you should be fine. Focus the match on trying to get into a zone that takes away his tiger shots and not so much on trying to land an attack. I find fireball wars boring too, and that is the way I work on ryu, ken, or sagats if they try to turn the game into some boring fireball battle.

Thanks a lot for the info.

Do a fierce air Hurricane Kick to reach him, its okay if he knocks you down. Once you are close try to stay close, since you have more of a chance to beat him.

if all else fails, get better at sagat and spam him back :D.

when you’re closer to him do and it beats a lot of sagat’s attacks and it goes under tiger knee so if he does tiger knee you can throw him after

You want to get close to Sagat. Ryu upclose is a nightmare for Sagat. And if you manage to land an untechable knockdown, you can safejump with j.fp (makes all his dp whiffs, as well as sometimes hitting cross) into jab chain so those TU will come out at your choosing if he’s mashing them. The best range for Ryu is at c.HK range imo, where you can sweep him if he decides to throw a low tiger, or jump and punish. You’re going to have to close in (focus dash shots, etc.), be patient, then once you’re in do your worst.

get close, wait for TS, ultra through his TS like daigo.