Question for any evo judge/ref whatever

the last 2 buttons most never use…is it within the rules to bind htem to jab, short. example on a te lb and lt are jab and short respectively. ty in advance

I believe that EVO uses the rule commonly used in regards to this nowadays, where you are allowed to configure your sticks buttons in any way that the in game menu allows, so yes that should be fine, but that is just from memory so I don’t know if it’s right or not.

Yup, any button mapping is fine, 3P button, throw button, focus attack button, whatever you want.

I’m curious as to the benefit of this.

It’s easier for some of us in general.

For what? Why would a player who uses the default 6 want an additional jab and short?

Would it let you do a plinking motion to hit one frame jab links?

No idea about the short.

No, you cannot plink jabs with jabs. I was thinking it was for plinking heavy/roundhouse? Maybe to double tap jabs? Again I don’t see any benefits.

I mean a plinking motion, just hitting one button then the other almost immediatly allowing two jab inputs in rapid succession. I did this for sagats fake kick back in the day with two roundhouse buttons mapped for his trials.

That’s what I meant by double tapping. Miscommunication. That seems to be the most logical reason however I doubt it’s really all that effective.

Heh I’m on edge this morning excuse my blunt reply.

I can imagine it might make jab to hands and short to legs with honda and chun easier? Anyway, I’ll shut up and let the people who actually do it answer!

I think the OP meant to bind jab + short rather then a single light input.

I kind of figured the opposite from what he wrote “lp and lt are jab and short respectively”. Wouldn’t he just ask if he could bind throw then?

Also, I knew him(he’s from my area) and plays neither chun nor honda(plays rog).

I can’t think of any reason to want to do this other than double tapping(which is kind of a wide stance). That, or someone confused themselves and thought they could plink with it lol ;).

However, there may be something I don’t know so let’s see what someone who does it has to say!

no confusion…u dont have a clue as to why i asked save the subble cracks for a time when you’re not in complete ignorance.
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What am I reading?

Wait, so just to confirm you can map the P+P+P to the unused button? I thought that is kinda cheesing/cheating.

fav post of the year so far

Perhaps you will enlighten us then?