Question for anyone who ordered the Special Edition

Hi All–I pre-ordered the special edition from Gamestop here in Canada. I read online that there were supposed to be four gem packs included, but the only pre-order card I got was the “World Warrior” pack. Are the other packs included on the disc? How can you tell?


In the pack on the instructions booklet for assembling the arcade coin bank.

Cheers–sure was easy to miss!

How many gems are we suppose to get from SE at Gamestop / EB games? I used the code from the back of the piggy bank and downloaded 15 x 3 gems. Then when I try to download using “World Warrior” pack, it said my code is invalid.

As far as I can tell, you get the World Warrior Pack with the SE box… so the EB pre-order bonus is a POS like the store we bought it from lol.

Did yours work?? i guess i have to go back and ask for a new one.

If you downloaded the SE packs first, then the World Warrior Pack won’t work…because you already downloaded it. The World Warrior Pack is part of the SE pack.

Oh didn’t know that. Thanks!

Did you get the cross art pack with the ebgames preorder? Is it part of the SE pack or was it a separate code?

So if you have bought the Special Edition, the codes for it’s “Special Edition” Gems + the codes for pre-ordering it are in the box, in the arcade cabinet?

And if you bought a regular version, your codes should be on your receipt?

Am I right?

If so, stores are selling the Special Edition as is, and you didn’t even need to pre-order it to get it’s “Pre-order” gems. You could have also gotten it on release day instead of waiting and fussing about. Gamestop indeed, the games do stop. Regular version, you might have had to.

Okay so let me get this straight. I got a bunch of codes with my game. (Special Edition)

One code was on the back of the Comic book. It downloaded the Special Edition gems, which was a set of 15 gems containing 3 gems each.

I also got a promotional slip that has the codes for Lighting Legs, Iron Curtain, King of Iron Fist, World Warrior and Cross Arts packs.

Those 5 codes are the same as the Special Edition codes? So I basically got 2x the amount of pre order gems?