Question for anyone with SF Anniversary on Xbox360

I have an issue with SF Anniversary and an xbox360 stick.

  1. All the buttons work on the stick D-Pad, Start, Back, Menu, A, B, X, Y, RB, LB

  2. All the buttons work in xbox360 games

  3. In SF Anniversary (for Xbox1) the RB & LB buttons are not being recognized on the stick

  4. If a regular gamepad is connected the RB & LB buttons on the gamepad are recognized as “black” & “white” buttons and they work. Just not on the custom stick.

  5. The pcb in the custom stick is from a Microsoft wired xbox 360 controller

Any ideas?

not sure if this helps you, but the black and white should do the same as the LT and RT on the original pad, maybe you could try switching from wiring the triggers to wiring the bumpers on the 360 pad? I didn’t have that problem with the DOA4 PCB, but that had LT and RT all set up for me ahead of time.

switching to triggers shouldnt be necessary. i have a custom stick that has the LB and RB buttons wired up and they register fine with BC games, including sfae. im using a 3rd party pelican pad

The only thing I can think of is the black and white’s are set to ‘none’ in the button config. Makes no sense any other way.

Actually I don’t think you can set them to none, can you? aren’t they always the same as the triggers? I can’t remember cause I haven’t messed with the buttons in a long time.

I checked before posting. Yes, you can set them to ‘None’. Since the triggers are always the same as the buttons, if you set them to ‘None’, then the triggers will do nothing, and the black and white buttons will do nothing.

The only thing I can think of is he has his stick plugged in using the P1 settings, and the gamepad controller he tests with shows up as P2; different settings for each players.

Tell him to delete his save game for SFAE, both if it creates a separate 3rd Strike and AE saves.

And verify the behavior in both AE and 3rd Strike!