Question for Arcade Stick users


So I am trying to make the transition from using a pad to an arcade stick. What I am wondering is how do people set up the stick? Do most people get a computer chair and a desk, and have the stick on the desk? Or is it common for a chair and just having the stick in your lap?

I noticed last night my right hand, the one pushing the buttons got really sore after 4-5 hours of playing and I think it’s because of the angle it has to rest with the stick on my lap. My wrist bends upward at an angle when I’m playing.

I typically play in my living room which has a couch about 20 feet back from my projector screen and the screen is 10 ft diag so it’s possible I could set something up in front of the couch but I’d like to avoid that as it would clutter up my living room. The couch has a really wide seat so I am considering maybe some sort of upright tray over my lap and having the stick resting/mounted on the tray but I am not convinced this is going to help out on the wrist angle so I just wanted to get some input on what most people do and I felt like this would be the forum for it!


give it time and just do whatever’s most comfortable for you. Your hand hurts because you’re not used to the motions you are using and your muscles are growing into it. Even playing new instruments will give you such pains. If it persists, then you should start to worry.


Right on, yeah that was my initial thought as well. Still haven’t completely shelved the thought of making some sort of tray for it so I can strap it down or mount it. Currently it tends to try to get away from me in the heat of the moment :frowning:


Still shocks me that I’m in a generation of players who have never been to an arcade. :confused:

I feel old.


I think most of us have been to arcades its just that when i frequented them i was like 8 years old…around 13 most of the arcades closed so i only played the ones they had at the theatres…once i hit 18 it seems like all the arcades are gone now.


Its sad that arcades seem to have pretty much died in the last decade....there are only 3 places i know of anywhere near me that have machines(Im in England by the way) and theyre a really limited selection....and no fighting games! 2 out of 3 of them are just a few arcades in a cinema and only 1 is a dedicated arcade place and about 5 out of the 30 cabinets they have are broken! back in the good old days you couldnt go into a fish and chip shop, a community centre/lesisure centre or shopping centre without running into one…you didn`t even have to visit a dedicated arcade back then! I miss those days…


Doesn’t matter if I’m sitting on the floor or a chair, I place it on my lap.