Question for candy cab owners

Yo TechTalk!

I’ve got a question for guys who own candy cabs! Have you ever tried (or even heard of people who’ve tried) to drop a regular, low input-lag monitor/tv into your cab? It obviously wouldn’t fit into frame and would require a bit of aesthetic work.

I ask because I’m in the middle of getting my hands on a New Astro City(busted monitor) and currently, to save on money, I’d like to drop my Xbox in there instead of working out the real-steel that’s inside the cab right now. Eventually I’d like to learn the ins & outs of a “true” cab but for now I’d like to try this route.

Any suggestions or ideas?

There have definitely been some people who have put TV’s into their candy cabs.

I’ve never seen an Astro city or equivalent cab with an LCD in it, but have heard accounts of it being done before.

I think if you want to put an xbox 360 in the cab it would be much easier to just stick to a CRT. Does the cab already have a monitor in it? It’s possible to connect an Xbox 360 to an arcade monitor. There are adapters out there that make it pretty easy.

If your cab doesn’t have a monitor then I suggest purchasing a VGA CRT to put in it and play your Xbox in 480p mode. It won’t be 720p, but it will still look really good, and will be a bigger and better looking display than if you put in a widescreen monitor.

Thanks for the reply.

The previous owner says that the cab would probably need a new monitor all-together. I don’t exactly know the specifics but by the sounds of it, it’s in pretty bad shape.

I’m trying the LCD thing mostly because my vision starts to get a little fuzzy when I look at CRT’s that close. Someone at the shmups forums suggested that I make my own bezel out of wood to cover up the monitor.

Have you ever played on a candy cab? If you play in progressive mode the image is much sharper and doesn’t hurt your eyes like sitting close to an interlaced tv.

You could make your own bezel pretty easily to fill in the empty space.

One thing I forsee is that the widescreen monitor you put in there will be quite small I think. I think you could squeeze a 24" monitor in there.

even in letterbox mode the 29" monitor is a little larger.

Also be careful if you do go with a LCD monitor in the vertical position. I have heard that some LCD monitors do not work well at all when mounted vertically. It messes up their viewing angles and the image becomes very dark.

Thanks for the protips, megaultrasuper. These are all helping lots. I’m reconsidering the CRT option…

I play SF4 at the arcade once in a while. They run it on blast city’s who’s screen set up is unknown to me. To be honest, I’m not good enough to run a streak where I can sit down long enough to feel the bigger effects but having said that, my eyes are pretty sensitive to the arcade screens/lights in general.

A blast city cab generally will be set up for 31 khz. That’s 480p. I recommend before making your choice to find a time at the arcade when the hours aren’t as busy and play an extended amount of time on the cab. You could also play one of the other games on a cab that isn’t as busy if they have other blast citys.

Good idea, mang. I’m gonna head down this weekend with some advil to get a long sesh in.

I know Devilsfang on here put one of those lagless LCDs in one of his cabs, I think a blast city, but not sure, since I haven’t seen it since the conversion… I have a Blast City cab with a 31 khz sanwa monitor. Gorgeous crt with great geometry… and a nice flat screen – it has a standard vga connection – I’m hooking up a transcoder/upscaler to get the other stuff onto the monitor. But I def prefer a crt upclose. You can see every flaw and detail and you’ll want the good refresh rate and nice soft picture (looks really colorful via 360 vga cable)… your eyes won’t get tired at all. Just make sure the brightness and contrast isn’t too high – this helps a lot more than people realize…

I’d recommend really thinking upfront what you want out of the the cab. You can make a 15khz rgb cable for the 360 (a friend did that on his cab) so you could buy an older low res monitor or go for a tri-sync (but they’re expensive). My sanwa monitor was like 300 new off ebay, but they are now harder to come by… Def make the investment now rather than cut corners, cause in the long run, you’ll pay off. I spent nearly 1 grand getting my cab all together and that’s a ton of money (a big chunk was for shipping), but for me, there is no comparison…

You made really good points and I think it’d be good just to have a stock CRT. Do you know the model name of your Sanwa monitor?

Will check this weekend – I’m opening up the cab to do some adjustments so will check then and post up…

I played a bunch of other games at the arcade. It wasn’t so bad!..I just had to stay away from the poor conditioned screens.

The monitor I have is: sanwa 29PF31

It’s a really nice flat screen. Picture isn’t as sharp as some monitors I’ve seen, but with the contrast and everything turned down, it’s nice a easy on the eyes. Not sure how easy they are to find anymore tho…

Cheers, ssbomberman. Appreciate it!