-= Question for Chun Li Experts! =-

Can anyone post me a link with Chun Li combos WITH Vergil and Akuma as the assists? I need a full combo utilizing both assists.

Or post a video/notation for combo, anything.

Please and thanks.

Edit: Found the edit button nevermind…

The combo with chun li can use ANY of vergil’s and akuma’s assists. I just need one that utilizes both fully.

you didn’t say which assists…

Edit: nevermind.

Anyways: there can be ANY assist used… I just need a full combo utilizing both assists. I’m not sure which to use yet. I’d prefer vergil’s rapid slash and akuma’s tatsu assist.

You should go to the Chun-Li forum, where the actual Chun experts are going to be. Plus, there are videos you could look through to see if anyone did anything with Vergil or Akuma.

Here, no one even knows who Chun-Li is.

Isn’t this the Chun Li section…?

I can’t test this but it might work:
Ground whatever
Air series (may vary depending on combo ending)
Jump + akuma tatsu assist
Airdash and down M
Then try to get to the ground for a super.
And also yeah this is the Chun-Li section.