Question for competitive players who use custom sticks

I’m debating between a sanwa battop joystick or a p360.

My beef is that I want the box small yet I don’t really want it to shake easily especially when I play mvc2. Really throws me off my game when the thing is all over the place.

I heard p360 was the best but I also heard that it has alot of tension too so I’ll be shaking the box easier.

sanwa joysticks I know that it has alot less tension and with a decent sized box I won’t shake it… But just kinda scared that i’ll break the damn thing playing mvc2 cause the game is really twitchy and I don’t really know if its effective for mvc2 as well. When im constantly flying-unflying with sent for example.

Could someone please enlighten me who plays mvc2 at a competitive level. I wish I had the 2 sticks to test them out but im sure alot of people here know the answer to this question.

i suck at marvel but i play it on sanwa no problem but i play on my lap so i don’t shake my stick all over anyway

i use a sturdy happ comp stick with marvel ONLY but thats me

i only use a sanwa for 3s or anything not marvel

You can always weigh the box down to keep it from sliding around.

I’d go for P360 or Competition for MvC2 and Sanwa for everything else.

Yeah, I would def prefer sanwa for 3s and cvs2. just feels better for those games, but I wish I could test it for mvc2 =(, thx for the input so far.

happy gaming :tup:

I’ve been using a Sanwa joystick for Marvel for a long time. If they really broke that easily, they wouldn’t put them in cabinets.

lawl, sanwa’s won’t break. They tend to shake around less too because you can get the height as low as 2 inches (as opposed to happ’s minimum of 3+).