Question for Fei players


I have yet to meet a legit 'gief online. By legit i mean they don’t spam lariats all day. as Fei, I don’t have many options when he does this the whole time, the only one I know crouching roundhouse if im far enough and ex chicken wing maybe. is there anything i can do to punish these annoying fucks?


You just gotta be patient. If you get the lead just sit on it cause there is no way your gonna get the advantage online.


Crouching hard punch pretty solid punish, or stand outside lariet and rekka when its ending?


It may be annoying, but until you learn how to counter it that is all a gief player is gonna do and you are going to get embarrassed in the process.
It’s not them being cheap, its you being dumb.
Go to the fei long character sub forums and ask there.


Best strategy is to not play fei long. Stop using the word “legit” to name a play style. you just suck and dont know how to get around it.


training mode. record gief lariat and immediate block post lariat. figure punnish options. never lose to lariat again


cr MP is a bit safer than FP if you start using it a bit too much, because it has faster recovery.