Question for fightstick users



I was just curious as to where your’s is positioned when you play. I did sit with mine on my lap as I figured should I ever enter any tourneys, the stick would always be in the same place. However, I had the stick sat in front of me today while I was doing some training my level of execution has improved massively in the space of 10mins!

I could rarely CS FADC Ultra, like maybe 1 in 10 when the stick was on my lap, now it’s closer to 1 in 3.
Same goes for the bnb combos. Just generally everthing runs smoother and faster!

Did you guys ever experiment with this and did you end up with a preference or have I just opened up a can o’worms?!?

I would’ve posted this in the Tech Talk section but as I’m 90% Cammy your opinions will be more relevant I guess :slight_smile:


For me it depended on the size of the stick tbh. I started off with the FS3 and as I’m a big person it would feel uncomfortable on my lap and I couldn’t do anything so I rested it on a table. When I got my TE cos that thing is pretty big I can only play on my lap now unless the table is pretty low. It just feels comfortable on my lap.

Just go ahead and play however you feel comfortable.


I have it placed on a small foldable table in front of me. My execution is much better that way compared to having it on my lap. If I would ever enter a tournament. (don’t think so, but who knows) I would probably bring my foldable table with me.


Because I’m never guaranteed to have a table at a tourney, I just learned to play on my lap. It’s all preference though, and it was weird for a bit, but its comfortable now.


Lap, I can play on the table/floor, but lap is my goto.


I sit on a beanbag with the stick in front of me on the floor. Whenever I play on my lap I end up doing wrong stuff, like TKCS turns into CSpike, and we all know what happens when you whiff a CSpike…


or u couldve posted it here:

anyways yeah i have my stick on my lap always!!!


My lap in my case, I really have nothing else I could use so I have no clue if anything else would be better for me lol.


lap or chair/table.


I used to be super old school and play on the floor! But nowadays, it’s really hard to find public tourneys and events where you get that luxury, so I’ve HAD to learn to play in my lap. It’s harder for me, but I’ve gotten used to it, so it’s not as bad now.

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with my TE i can easily play with it on my lap, but my SE has to be rested on a firm surface like my coffee table as its just too small.


T5 Hori fits best on my lap.

If it’s a TE though, and I’m on a stool, I’ll just place it on equal level.


i originally started off with a stand for my joystick, but realized that i could not bring it with me to a tourney very easily. i ended up forcing myself to play on my lap and that took about 2 weeks to get back to 100% with my motions.

now…i couldn’t imagine playing on anything but my lap or an actual arcade cabinet.


Coffee table. Playing on my lap would be an epic journey back to scrubsville. Whiffed CSs galore. But I don’t know if I’m alone on this but playing for hours bent over at a coffee table hurts the shit out of one’s back!


At home I often use a TV tray table or something, but I’m perfectly comfortable playing with the joystick in my lap.

I think it’s pretty easy to learn now that everyone’s got TEs, HRAP style cases, or customs these days, but lap play is kind of a pain IMO with lighter cases like the HFS series or Namco PS1 sticks.


I just picked up Cammy a few days ago but I sit my SE stick on the gound and play like that. It just doesn’t feel right on my lap.


My arm used to get cramped playing for prolonged hours when i played with the joystick on my lap. I somehow got used to it so everything worked out. I could probably play it resting on a table or chair but my arm would probably get cramped again. weird.


i used to play on a table. but there really isnt a table when you go to other people’s places. so the one tihng that is always there is… the floor and your lap. so i do play on my lap now.