Question for HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3

I was thinking about buying that stick, the colors and stuff look great right on it. So anyone wanna tell me their opinions about this stick? like if its decent, good, or bad, i was thinking about it to get it for my ps2. Also it says its for PS3 i was wondering if it was compatible for the Ps2 also.
Sorry noob @ buying sticks lol.

the HRAP3 can’t be used on a playstation 2 but it can be used for ps2 games played on ps3

It is a very good stick, even better if you swap out the stock buttons for Sanwas. This place has a better price though:

while we’re at it, any word on whether there’s input lag when using a HRAP3 on a PC?

none at all, sir.

damn lol i guess i need to do more research for a new stick… i tried to find the original one for ps2 but i know thats not gonna happen out of stock everywhere, and its been like that forevers lol. So anyone with any recommendations it would be nice
what about these sticks for the ps2? is it any good
or the virtua stick right here

even those soul cal stick or the tekken ones look pretty decent i think lol

im actually still trying to sell my HRAP3 with sanwa OBSF-30’s put in -_- if you are interested. $110 shipped.

Im looking for a stick for ps2 lol, i was wondering if it was compatable with ps2 but i guess its not :sad: