Question for Jill players



How do you stick the jump loops after a somersault? I understand having to jump cancel the somersault into a j.H, but when do I input the j.S, is it Jill is a few inches off the ground or something? I could get the somersault jump cancel to the follow up, but still having trouble actually landing the jump loops.

Also, is it possible to have a team where Jill doesn’t really require an OTG assist to do combos or is that a requirement? I’m really more interested in at least being able to land her BnB combos rather trying to go for 70+ hit combos.

Is it possible to make a team with Jill from these characters:
Deadpool, Dorm, Ghost Rider, Chun Li, Morrigan, Trish, Strider, Nemesis. I’ll only use Wesker if I really have no choice but to do so. Just want to see if it’s actually possible to make a hybrid team rather than pure rush down or keep away.


Jill doesn’t really need wesker or a otg assist, she can do 700k by herself and she can use other assists in order to get the same effect as a otg assist.
Jill and Strider are pretty good together, she can benefit a lot from his vajra assist, in keeping her opponents on the grounded and setting up arrow kick-knee drop setups in the corner. Im just throwing it out there. Best thing for jump loops is to watch them in action. If you know her normals then this should be easy to digest.


I think she could work okay with dorm, you can check my sig for some other team ideas. She benefits a lot from a lockdown like striders vajra or other beam type assists, it makes it much easier to get in since you have to stay in there face with Jill.


please as a new Jill player i need help. ok i need one of two things i need either an explanation as to the number format notation that you use in the video if that it your vid or if someone who understand it could write it out in normal -> (arrow) notation instead of the numbers.


1=down/back 2=down 3=down/forward 4=back 5=neutral 6=forward 7=up/back 8=up 9=up/forward.
Its the same as the numbers on your keyboard.


awesome thanks alot. there is much work to be done. seems i have alot to learn for timing her jump loop. sometimes i get 1 rep and drop it sometimes i get 2 but dont know wat to continue with it after. so i have kinda resorted to doing 1 rep and then into her raven spike. i know this isnt exactly optimizing damage but im kinda stumped on how she operates as a character

Here’s a link to some really good info on how to play Jill. It was written by a player who used to post here.


thanks alot for the link hopefully i can make some progress with this


Usually the first M I input Immediately and then wait a second until I input H S and the rest is pretty straight forward. Try to keep the opponent low.


thanks for the help and feedback. my jill leveled up a bit andi can actually do a full too jump loop combo now. that gamefaqs guide is gawdlike.


Your welcome.