Question for modders


So, sort of inspired by [this thread](Is this mod legal? and, unrelated to fighitng games, the sheer number of cheat related controllers you see on eBay I was kind of wondering what (and IMO what the guy in that thread is asking for is completely legit if kind of pointless) the shadiest mod anyone has ever asked you to perform is? I’m mostly curious to find out how creative people are when it comes to cheating and bending the rules. Let us not name any names. Let us not call anyone out (i.e. “I know that X modder is willing to do Y mod to your stick”). Just interested in hearing about what people have actually asked for.

Also if @Kyle (you’re still a moderator, right?) and @d3v would be ready to close this thread if shit gets out of hand that would be great :slight_smile:


I don’t do mods outside of my own so no one really asks me for them.


Someone once asked me if I could to set up a button to kill or reset the console by overloading it. I laughed and played it off as a joke, but one day I’ll make it and call it the Blotto Box.


They didn’t think that such a mod might, to astute observers, appear suspicious? It’s like hmmm, Bob was about to lose again when the X-Box started smoking and shut down. I wonder…


Only request I’ve gotten from FG folks is the auto-Blink stuff, which has been rare because people knew I wouldn’t do it for them.

Gotten request for cheat setups on other stuff like CoD from my family members. I still tell them hell no, cheating is stupid, get better.


Yep. I just work a ton and don’t play much on modern consoles.


See to me I was kind of thinking that the blink stuff would be a pretty common request as it’s, as far as I know, fairly common knowledge that several top SFIV players have moved the ‘Select/Back’ button on their controls so that it’s more accessible. Setting it up so that every button goes through back/select doesn’t seem like that much of a leap nor does it seem especially difficult to do which makes me wonder why these people don’t just do it themselves but whatever. That said I would have very much appreciated it if Capcom had removed that bug/exploit/whatever you want to call it from USFIV but oh well. It seems, judging from several of the bug and unreported change threads in the SFIV sub-forum, like Capcom has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time these days so maybe a simple fix like the one in question was too much for them.

The CoD stuff is definitely something that inspired this topic as you see a ton of stuff like that on, as mentioned eBay that’s essentially advertising “This controller lets you cheat at FPS games”. Perhaps you should direct your family to eBay if they persist in bothering you about this. =p