Question for Modding TE stick

Hi there I’m new to making joysticks but I want to start low and then move up into making my own custom stick. I really want to customize my TE stick (really would want to change the artwork, and the buttons, like some led ones would be awesome). What I don’t know is what size parts would I want/need to buy to do this. If there is a thread allready with this info im apoligizing ahead of time.

Oh wow thanks for that link.
Has just about all the info I need even the template. The quality of the TE stick is great, but I just think its abit boring looking. Thanks again!

thx for the link ^^

the link he gave you is a fucking sticky…

Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that when browsing the forums, the closer you get to the SF4 section, the more 09’s there are asking stupid questions and not looking before asking?

What does SF4 stand for? Where can I find a thread about custom sticks? Is there a place I can find templates for said sticks? I’d also really love a thread about sanwa vs seimitsu.

THANKS :slight_smile:

star fighter 4 duhh what u think:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Wow dude, give the guy a break. No need to be an ass about it.

Seniority gets to some nerds heads more than others.

All you guys just proved my point.

Search function and Google are your friends.

Common sense owns you.

I’ll prove your point all right…:wgrin: