Question for mvc3 pad users

does using LMH (r2) mess up the input for some airdash combo or do i just suck?

If you mash it, it will. What combos are you trying to do?

magnetos fly cancel into h adf h adf and so on…
i cant even get the second hit in the rom combo, the first addf like drags at the end and the h never comes out…

Try doing the addf with L+M or M+H, and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, you just need to work on your timing. I don’t have problems with airdashing using R2 during Doom’s combos though.

i dont have a problem doin the buktooth loop with doom but when i try to sj > finger laser > addf > air m… i get like this drag before i land… is that normal? or a timing mishap?

ill try to do the airdash with l+m idk why i didnt try that first -_- frustration mental barrier tunnel vision episode i guess

Sounds like timing mishaps, there’s a minimum amount of distance you have to dash before you can actually cancel the dash into anything else. I used to have that drag issue when I was trying to learn the combos, the problem was I was getting too mashy and hitting :h: before the dash could be canceled. You just mostly have to keep control of yourself and keep the adf :h: adf :h:… consistent.

Pad should be fine, before I got a ps3 pro elite controller I only used pad. But I always preferred analog. For a fighting game you might think otherwise but pretend your playing a shooting game, your sure as hell not going to use a stick or pad. Unless your using a 360 pad it’s really no big deal. But I suppose a stick is probably more fun, press buttons, often art work on it and it’s a classic design for nostalgia. Kinda like playing with a guitar controller or something.

im talkin about the buttons not the dpad… apparently i just suck tho cuz there are awesome players out there who dont have a problem doin what im failing to do in training mode for hours ; ; wish i didnt sell my arcade stick for crack money

you might consider using a 360 pad, it works for me when i use that… but not much