Question for NHC Members

First of all, this is my first post and thread, so “hi” to all.
Thanks to DJMassif for refering me to the forums.
i’m not sure if this is the right place to post this.

Anyways, back to the topic.
I’ve been invited to the NHC chats before but i never realized that the NHC is an actual “crew”, a group of players.

So the other day i was asked to join the (With) Honor Crew. Not knowing any better i said yes. When i got the list of crew members i noticed that even though there are some good players and cool guys on there, i also recognized names of some guys that i am sure are rage quitters / hate mailers. This made me suspicious, so i did some searching on here. I didn’t find any official list but it seems like a lot of the guys i consider to be “top” players are part of the NHC.

Aparently there is some sort of hatered between the groups?
I’d like to hear the other side of the story.
I don’t care if i’m part of a crew or not. i just don’t want to be shunned by top players as getting my ass kicked by top competition will only make me better.

Can anyone fill me in?

I want to send ggs to so many people that it won’t fit on here. lol

These days we’ll take all the players we can get on HDR, you don’t have to be worried about being shunned as long as you aren’t a RQ’er. Most good players (whether part of NHC or not) will be more than happy to play you and help you if you ask.

There’s an honor crew?.. woooowwww… but to explain No Honor… its basically doing anything in our power to win… whether it is throw loops, tick throwing, or whatever other bullshit we have in our arsenal… and take advantage of whatever is in the game to win…

The people in the honor crew exclude these types of things from their gameplay because they consider it cheap and they are probably constant droppers because they probably lose to these things constantly… tbh I’ve played a few that dropped when did not use these tactics in a match because they fucking suck:rofl:

imo if its in the game use it… you’re playing with no honor with you use whatever is at your disposal to win by default lol…

EDIT: You won’t be shunned from top players btw for reason stated by mad possum…

I think all you need to know is that the Honor Crew is ironically saturated with members who RQ, send vicious hate mail, etc. Not everyone in the Honor Crew does that, but I just think it is funny how the NHC has members who behave more honorably (outside the game of course :smile:) as a whole than the Honor Crew. In the game NHC does whatever it takes to win, while the Honor Crew plays with various idealistic restrictions like no tick throws.

Man i had forgotten about NHC tbh.

lol @ Shari. NHC seems to have a larger presence within the PSN HDR online community since they all stick together and the fact that they have made themselves widely known to other regulars players outside of the group. Plus it seems like more players are playing HDR actively on PSN than on XBL. On the XBL side, although we have a lot of elite and top players that are NHC members but they don’t really express themselves as NHC…I’m guessing since their names alone are already a household name in the SF community. LOL

Anyways, the Honor Crew is weird in the fact that they play with No Honor as well when it suites them but have the nerve to whine about it via messaging that you ticked them too much, etc. Most of them (all 12 of them or so) are pretty good players and I’m cool with about half of them but none of them have SRK accounts (as far as I know). Therefore are not aware of the NHC group. Like Havoc is a cool guy, we played several occasions and always respected each other along with another player named Gunshow.

I was led to believe they started the group in spite of some NHC members abandoning the NHC chat rooms on PSN because it was getting over saturated with non members, who some were just trolling, rage quitters and just plain jack asses that had no reason to be in the chat to begin with. That led for some NHC member to create yet another new chat room exclusive to members only. That p!ssed off the non NHC members cuz, as mentioned earlier, that most of the top players are NHC. So If that is true, I can kind of see why they felt they needed to created their own group. I thought biting the NHC group name was on some haterade type sh!t on their part. Some dude name, Sliphole is the founder of that group. Not to be confused with Slipkicks, both Claw players…no relations tho.

Like possum and bulldancer stated…NHC is a collective of players that believe in the “anything goes in the game” philosophy. Nothing more. As long as you shared in that philosophy you can be a member. Those that believe tick throwing is wrong, or combo loops is too cheap and should not be allowed, really need to learn how to play the game and practice some damn reversals or or other countering strategies. They really don’t need to be in any group, if they don’t understand the game they are playing.

What amuses me is that I’ve had people call me cheap or a tick thrower before. They say things like, “That’s the only way you can win”, but thinking about it, all the guys who don’t tick throw are scrubs on various levels. It’s not a case that they are good players but just don’t tick throw, it’s like they don’t understand the game and just do random shit.

I’m sure if we got some impartial person who has played most of the guys from NHC and HC, that he would agree that tick throws aside, NHC players are some of the best.

Also, you know what really tickles me? A guy I know who hates tick throws inadvertantly revealed himself to be a turbo user (tried to jab DP but missed and got a stream of 3 or 4 jabs). He has the gall to call me cheap for tick throwing but apparently turbo doesn’t matter?

Maybe if he worked on his game, he would be able to avoid being put into tick throw situations and wouldn’t need to rely on turbo to counter throw. I knew he was using turbo, I just needed confirmation and I got it visually last night. I could tell he was using turbo because I noticed that one day he started counter throwing my tick throws or throwing in tight spots where I would usually have thrown him (due to better timing).

Luckily i don’t tick-throw a lot, i have walldives for that.

Although i for some reason run into more comments about it on GGPO than on XBL maybe because ST Vega is kinda broken.

It’s funny. I play Dhalsim, but I don’t tick throw a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I do it, just not a lot. And the reason I don’t do it a lot isn’t because I think it’s cheesy or anything like that, it’s just not solid against REALLY good players. Good players will reversal almost every obvious tick throw attempt. IMO, it’s a bad practice to get into, but I don’t frown on it at all. It actually amuses me when people try to tick throw me because my throw timing is pretty damned good.

Dunno why I wrote all that…just felt like rambling :smile:

I defiantly agree with the statements above, i don’t play with any sort of honor or fantasy rules. I’ll do whatever I can to win regardless if its considered “cheap”. I’ll tick throw or buttslam loop for as long as you’ll let me lol. I find that most guys that complain about these tactics just don’t have the skill set to deal with the situation, so they vent the frustration on you rather than try to lean a way to counter. You’d think they would ask for advise instead of calling me a “cheap *** with no skill blah blah”. You’ll never get better by only playing people you know you can beat.

Thanks for the input guys.

Havoc, you finally joined man. I like your mentality and skill in the game. You’re pretty much on the same plane as the rest of us. We started NHC as an inside joke in the PSN chat room for those who kept complaining about pretty much everything that was said in this thread. Fighting with honor was a thing that started in the early 90’s, where you get ass beat if you tick threw your opponent at your local 7-11’s. Stupid little narrow minded wanna be gangsters never heard of SF2 tournaments, reversals, or high level game play. If tick throwing is cheap, how about turtling and zoning? Please. If it’s in the game, use it (minus Akooooma!).

Glad you joined man, this is where you can level up your already scary Honda. See ya around.

Well massif, those ol’ 7-11 gangstas that was raging with honor are alive and well online!!! Speaking of wankstas, I was over on the PSN HDR BG thread…funny sh!t over there.

Our boi Kaospider has been sucked into a war with WHC (with honor crew)! They want to do battle with the NHC crew, calling our crew pussies and wanna battle us in a online tournament or something. I imagine the Grand Prize will be 1st place gets hate mail for a year from the loser!

Anywayz…Here’s the link:

PSN HDR definitely got the drama on lock! Taking on their challenge would be like the Pros vs. Joes! So let’s start calling these scrubs “Joes”, cuz until they have proven themselves, they have no name! :rofl:

And tick-throwing is half the battle…Yo Pros! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks djmassif.
i remember when i used to play SF2 back in the day at the arcade and everyone HAD to let the loser of the first round win the second round, it was called a mercy round. i really hated that crap. I would kick someones ass to the brink then have to let them win one round. not to mention the payback for throws. Ghey!! i actuall stopped playing SF after Hyper Fighting because of this BS. i only picked up SF again when HDR came out.

As a matter of fact misteregotrip, djmassif, madpossum, djrein, haksakoun, Rugal, Miggs, and many others were on my “i gotta beat them list”. I’m only as good as i am now thanks to the stiff beatings i’ve received from you guys in the beginning.

Thanks for that link Misterego, it really opened my eyes. i noticed that all of the guys i enjoy playing against are not down with the Honor Crew guys. Plus they seem to be know for being hate mailers and RQs as i suspected. if there is one thing i hate more than Akuma users its rage quitters. I’m letting them know I’m out.


This is getting better and better, damn i missing all this drama on psn :frowning:

Havoc, we are a solid crew, you can find out every skill level in NHC, some guys are just insane, with awesome skills, that doesn’t mean NHC is arrogant, not at all!.

I can’t see a reason to complain about the game tools, the designers gave all the arsenal to use it!, that’s the real way to be a good player, ticks, loops, zoning, turtling, rushing the hell down, everything is legal well except, using akuma, turbo and macros.

I’ve recieved a lot of hatemail complaining about my “cheap” strats and how “overpowered” ken is, BS!, a few of them are part of WHC.

Damn, can’t wait to get a new ps3!

We have are spreaded in PSN, XBL, GGPO, and even facebook lol.

You can find out interviews to pros, youtube videos featuring NHC members, pics, advices, everything to get better in this game.

Also you can search in youtube No Honor Crew, and you’ll see a lot of videos there.

It’s good to know that peeps realizes that we’re not “the bad guys”.

Vegas and Slip are still salty because of losing kao’s tourney, and they got raped by hado69’s ryu. A matchup claw does well in.

Seriously though, whining about ticks when that is part of their strategy.

Vegas and Slip are still salty because of losing kao’s tourney, and they got raped by hado69’s ryu. A matchup claw does well in.

Seriously though, whining about ticks when that is part of their strategy.

LMAO, there’s an Honor Crew now huh? When’s the war? You guys don’t need to bother. I’ll take them all on myself.

JigglyNorris, they’re on PSN. It’ll be hard to typhoon them across online platforms :stuck_out_tongue:

Point taken Thelo.

Well why don’t you come over here? The netcode sucks but the folk sure are friendly!