Question for people torn between new games


I have about 5 minutes to wirte this so I’ll keep it short.
With recent thread with people asking which of the new game coming out they should buy or trading one game for another, I’m just wondering if people know the differences between each of the “major” games out as far as gameplay is concerned. The question of whether you should buy P4A or Tekken is about a far apart in fighting games as asking someone whether you should start a scrabble club or a biker gang. Its not that you can’t play both, I intend to play both, but the idea of someone being equally torn over which they like more an anime game or a 3D seems strange unless they haven’t played one or the other or both.

In a very generalized way the spectrum would go
Anime games - marvel - faster 2d games - SF - MK - SC - Tekken - VF
(yeah I left alot out)
and maybe its all new players, but it still seem strange that P4A or Tekken is a hard choice, Not that either is a naturally better choice, but the two games are so far apart it makes the uncertainty over which to get seem odd.


People are just trying to make an informed decision before making a purchase. Many of these posters have limited experience in the fighting game genre, or limited exposure to different fighting game formulas, so they’re torn when several new games come out at the same time. They want to make the right purchase the first time, without having to go through the hassle of trying out news games, trading them in for the next one, realizing that the new one sucks and they want to get the old game back again, etc etc.


Times have changed! Presentation is everything now. At a glance I don’t think too many people can tell the difference between DoA5 and TTT2. Still 3D and people spin around.

“SF4? AE2012? They look the same. I’ll just buy SF4 for $5 online instead.” ~Coworker of mine.

A lot of people are using streams to check out the actual ways the games are played and making a decision on whether or not they want to play it.

Take SFxT for example, most if not all of the majors had awful gameplay. Few trollish comments re: jab jab jab or jab x time outs and it snowballs into supposed reality of how the game is. Then you have guys like JiBBo and Ryan Hunter that call b.s. on it and dig into the game’s core integrity and they are pushing out all these dumb high combos that knock people out with bad guessing. Anyways, those few majors had awful play and were perceived as being acceptable. Doesn’t do the game justice.

Companies are recognizing these streams and videos are very helpful to market the games. For example you see Atlus showing support for WNF, making videos and streams with Machinima/CrossCounter to branch the game out to a new and existing audience for fighting games. It’s relatively important and also sensitive when most of the known social media heads try to talk and expose games in the public.

Most people will know where to hit up online for opinions, reviews, and footage but for the newer people it’s a bit more delicate. But it doesn’t hurt to get some extra opinions. At least most people know to fly into this forum to start asking.

At the moment I’m digging P4A and TTT2 very much. I’m not worried about spreading myself too thin, you can never have too little learning space for these things. I don’t play AE online too much anymore but mostly I am playing it offline at the arcade. These new games are refreshing.


Shouldn’t a comparison tool or article or something exist somewhere then?
A game with air dashes, bursts, character spcific meters, a super jump and full screen beams is alot different from having a side step, ring outs and a high mid low system.

It is either incredibly obvious that these games are nothing alike or its a problem that being overlooked because people think it is obvious when apparently its not. If it is really the case that a large number of people can’t distinguish the feel and system of KOF from MK or VF from DOA shouldn’t that be a point for someone to highlight?


This year basically feels like 1998/1999 (Garou, KOF, VF3, T3, A3, 3s, MvC1)

I’d love to try P4, but there just isn’t the time. Same deal with DOA, which I had a lot of fun with when it was an old Xbox launch game. KOFXIII was way too quiet online, and the system and movelist looked and felt nothing like the '90s games. SFxT seems outrageous that you have to buy the game, then pay again for chars like Elena (who I really enjoy using in 3s), so that’s on hold. Learning all the new VF changes in FS though is serious business! That game is still only a few months old. Plus I still very much try to play games from 1998/1999 wherever possible…

I used to try and play as many of these games as possible, but now it’s just getting ridiculous. You have to concentrate on quality not quantity at this stage I feel (see below).


I suppose some gaming sights do comparisons, but it’s pretty rare. Most game reviews focus on one game only, and highlight their strengths/weaknesses.

That being said, some people are just lazy and want all the answers given to them. It takes time to gather up all these reviews and make an informed decision, some people just aren’t willing to do this, so they hop on forums and ask.

That and people who don’t have a lot of fighting game experience or knowledge aren’t able to analyse match footage or streams and figure out what makes certain games unique. To the common man, fighting games are just two people mashing on buttons. It might not be so apparent that a certain game focuses on zoning, or movement, or is mix-up intensive, or has high execution requirements, etc etc.


But what about sponsored pro esports cyber-athletes like us who play for money and have families to feed? We must pick our game very carefully because college for the kids ain’t gonna fund itself y’know…


I think to someone new looking for a game to play, if it’s a game with air dashes or a game with side stepping is irrelevant. I don’t see the need to point out the differences in the game when the games do a dam good job of doing that themselves(although I’ll admit the 3d games it’s a little more ambiguous). If people are torn between which game to focus on I think that decision goes beyond simply the mechanics of the game, especially in regards to people wondering which game they should focus on. It also doesn’t help that for w/e reason people keep saying shit like to play Tekken you can’t play anything else or it’s too complex to get into that it requires 2 years in a basement of nonstop training mode to get anywhere.

Twitter does more harm for fgs than people realize imo.


The system is what you have to deal with if you plan on doing anything more than mashing. Characters and BGM and options are nice but if you can’t stand the system its much more effort to put in the effort to get better.

People who like a certain system playing it on a stream can make it look very fun when you personally would hate it hands on. The nuances of the system matter to the individual which is why deciding to buy a game after seeing it on screen seems like such a absurd idea to me. I don’t like playing SfxT but I have seen good matches in the game, no matter how good those matches look though I still can’t stand actually playing in that system.


i saw that same question when i did a twitter search for ttt2 last night from someone, so im guessing you saw that also, or you have heard this before, and i think the fact of the matter is, a lot of people dont care (the majority of sales), and even people who are a bit more seasoned still might pose that question publicly or to friends, not because they dont know the difference between p4 or ttt2, but simply because maybe they never got into “anime games” or tekken, and they are curious of peoples opinions on what they should spend their money on. its as simple as that.

i never really had an opinion on sfxt before it dropped, then it dropped and i still didnt have a good opinion on it other then it is boring, but ive watch hunter vids and ive been much more entertained then even evo grand finals. slightly off topic, but it goes to show how stupid and over opinionated a lot of this communities veteran players can be, and why the us trails asia like a bunch of sad mid level players going on forever and eternity now. im not saying a lot of new games dont have their flaws, but i digress before i get to side tracked.

kof from mk is a ridiculous comparison. any fool could tell the difference in those games. kof to sf might take an article for the lazy who dont want to search. vf from doa, and tekken from vf and doa i dont think has ever gotten a good indepth look into the pros, cons, and fun factor of each fo sho.

imo casual players should not be looking to this community for advice on what to buy. i would never in a thousand year recommend that shit. most people are wrong, very bias, or just all around jaded and cynical about the whole thing. competitive players should already be using resources to find out their answers and dont really need a baby handout of what to buy, because still, just buy what the fuck you want.

if someone decides to wanna be the best one day at mvc3 vanilla, more power to you. maybe you will find something that makes people wanna go back and play just for fun, especially considering how short its lifetime was. BUILD ON THAT. fuck the competitive community sometimes when it comes to what you wanna play and develop a scene around. i fucking cant stand what this shit has become. no creativity, no insight. just whining, complaining, fakery, and bullshit excuses of no one plays that, so fuck that game, as if they even stuntin like that. the most outspoken players are generally the players who dont make top 8 really, and get beasted on by international players while they boast about they have a life, and theyre broke and have more free time then most people. shits dumb

if someone says, i wanna play vanilla mvc3 instead of umvc3 to me, i would say, well you’re missing out on tourney cash and competitive play, but if you can develop a scene and advance the game more then what was explored, PLEASE FUCKING DO. for fucks sake do something different sometimes.

play tvc, play vanilla marvel, keep mastering kof 2002um, DO FUCKING YOU. dont let the dash for cash fool you. its a nice bonus for being good at a popular game, but do you. create or recreate something.


I don’t get this whole “I need to concentrate on one or two games” thing. You don’t have to be godlike or good at every game out there, I know a lot of people who drop games they wanna play adn like because for forseeable future it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get a community. Theirs nothing wrong with being solid enough in a game to get by and just playing it at locals for it or Majors to see how you do but a lot of people seem to have this idea that if they do that they’re not being competive or serious enough and buy into this whole you have to be serious about everything mindset.


Its not even like that. Its like when i was a kid. I had Tekken 4 and CvS2. I had LOOOOVED tekken 4. But i loved CvS2 more, so often i’d pop that in so much that i forgot that i even had Tekken 4. Humans don’t got the attention span to play 90 games at once. I am good with one thing that I like.


This! If you enjoy fighting games, then there’s nothing wrong with picking a game up even just to dabble in it casually. Heck, when I bought my PS2, I immediately picked up 3 fighting games at for it (TTT, DOA2, CvS2) at the same time. If you love fighters, than you should try as much of them as your budget allows.


Fuck to this day i still plug in my PS2 adn fuck around with NGBC, KOF98UM Play this fucker, MSH GGPO, and CFJ Fuck you this game is fun.


I imagine they ask because they’re still green. Both games would be new experiences to them, I guess.

Yeah, take a couple games “srs” and mess around with whatever else catches your eye.


You better have snagged a copy of Metal Gear Solid 2, Devil May Cry or Onimusha!

By the time you had your PS2, were sticks available? I find it funny that you would choose to brave through your new collection with a Dualshock, not to imply that it’s a terrible choice for FGs…


I still play on all my old systems. I’ll never refund and get torn over any fighting game I got. I’m a fighting game lover to the heart so refunding is the last thing I’m gonna do. Even if a game is horrid, I’ll still keep it. See me on Bushido Blade. The game with the true one touch kills.


Also among the play older fighters on older systems (shoutouts to old Saturn import SNK/Capcom fighters), so it really is all about fun.

If you’ve got to have a spectrum fort today’s fighters, start out with 3D-2.5D-2D. Then give each game a few distinguishing factor, like juggling for Tekken, block button for MK, gems for xTekken, etc. And maybe mention the entry barrier or not. My two main games now are VF and KOF not just because I’ve been a fan of their franchises, but their higher execution-styles appeal to me.


Skipped Onimusha, but snagged me a (JP) copy of DMC. MGS2 I picked up a few months later, and yes we played everything on DualShock. I was a poor college student back then.


Word, to this day i still play games on my older systems like CVS2, GGXXAC+, HNK, SBX, F/UC, TRF, TLB2, MMPR TE, TMNT TE, Tobal 1 & 2, Eretzvaju, and others, because i simply have to much fun fighting against my friends on this games.
Who says that you need to play every game at tournament Level in order to enjoy them?