Question for Razer panthera owners


I just purchased one and opened it. The artwork looks a little faded like a printer running out of ink. Im comparing this to photos ive seen and videos ive watched. Everything ive seen makes the artwork look fairly dark with some deep blue colors on it. Mine looks very light. am i nuts? Or has anyone else encountered this. Thanks.


Can you post photos?


Feel free to call me nuts but it looks like it sat in the sun for a week before it was installed




Is this brand new or used?

If this is new and you just got it, RMA the thing.


Brand new. Thats what ill do. Thanks.


Does the stick work? If it does why do you care so much about the color? Swap the art anyway. 1st world probs man I swear…


Artwork quality is a part of the finished product and of what you payed for. Can’t blame him there.


It’s an expensive stick, overpriced in fact. Couple that fact because it is Razer, people should STOP letting them get away with shoddy products even if it’s something as minute as colors.


I agree, its silly. The thing is, i had to save up a bunch of money for it…so i want it to look right. The other thing i didnt mention is the L3 and PS buttons were installed a little crooked. If the buttons and artwork look like they were installed quickly with little care then i worry some of the components might have been mishandled.


Yeah the blues were super vibrant on the box and videos. Definitely underwhelmed with the blue snake art when I received mine. But if you plan to keep the stick Focus Atrack I believe will take commisions for artwork replacement when they open back up.

They're advertisement on the lowest input lag also didn't matchup to a few real world tests I did.. curious to see how other owner's test results have been pre/post firmware upgrade.  I no longer own the stick.


I filed a return with amazon and they sent me a new stick the next day. I compared the two and there is a slight variation in the color depth. I tried taking a picture but my camera doesnt do it much justice. Hopefully the quality variation with razers sticks is just the artwork. Fingers crossed.


heres a dumb question: did you take off the plastic film that come on top of the acrylic?


I did.


this is a normal thing

the only time a stick has looked better in the flesh to me and still does are, the VSHG, the r1 TE’s, the HRAP ex:se, and the og VLX & Diamond

and ive been through a lot…