Question for rook

–i dont really remember if it was u that posted them, but years ago sum 1 posted a outline/sketch of akuma, and one of Devil Jin smashing Heihachi into the ground with a little hut thing on the right and a big moon for part of the background. anyways, my pc crashed a while back and i lost all my desktop pics :sad: so if u were the one that posted either a these and still have the pics i would appreaciate a re-post if at all possible :slight_smile:

–on another note, do u, or anyone else kno what happend to long-vo’s old site? does he have a new one ?

long vo works for a comic book company, i dunno if his old fan art is around anywhere anymore… and thats a long vo pic ur talkin about…

–lol guess i shoudla just msged u the question >_< guess i screwed on the pics =\ u got any a them on ur pc still?

no i dont have them i got them printed someplace but i havnt seen them in years, rook got alot of good work thou u must have gotten it confused with.
he did all the SF shadowloo members ect, the scetch style…

–yea didnt he do the Gen and his students outlines?

—lemme change the question for rook to : plz repost all ur shit or links to them :slight_smile:

I think you’re thinking of someone else… I’ve never drawn Devil Jin, ever :slight_smile:

most of my old stuff can be found here:

should I rename this thread? Might help if you cast the net wider.
let me know.

–wOOt ^^ ty, that link is xactly like what i was lookin for, i just cant remember who drew what outta what i used to have saved >< this give me plenty a pics for desktop tho :tup: thanks again

Heh you drew Su holding a rocket launcher? I didn’t know you were a fan of Love Hina. :clap:

Heh, still have that fan art of Su you did for me still sitting around, eh rook? Any chance I could link to that site you posted, rook? Hope work isn’t boggin’ you down too much. Take it easy my friend. ^^