Question for stick makers

I’m rebuilding my mas stick with a p360 and a solderless hack psx pcb. I have it working fine as far as the electronics go, but I don’t have any way to mount the pcb. Any suggestions other than hot glue?

You could build a stand off for the PCB, i.e. use the mounting holes on the PCB to mount it to a piece of plywood, or any screw in PCB stand.

if you really want to save money and use stuff around the house. You can open up a bic pen and use the round plastic barrel of it. Cut then about 3/4" to 1" long and use them to hold the pcb on the wood. You just use the mounting holes on the PCB to mount it thru th plastic barrels. Dunno if this makes any sense. I’m at work and tired as fuck.

Makes sense to me, and that’s a the true down-n-dirty version.

I’ve seen a stick where a nail was driven through a non-trace part of the PCB to the rear wall of the stick. Good question though, I don’t like the Hot glue option that much.

If it’s a SF Anniversary pad hack (and I know it isn’t since you’re using solderless A) the part of plastic that has the character logo on the front, when you take the pad apart, you can hot glue or screw that part to the joystick insides when you’re done wiring.