Question for Tech Talks Modders


I was just wondering is it possible to swap out the Hori EX (360) PCB to a madcatz SE PCB?
I’ve read about the EX’s PCB being no good for dual modding and such, also don’t like how the wires are soldered to the joystick

everything on the MC SE PCB is still on it


Theoretically, YES. It can be done.
In practice it is not as easy as a simple swamp. The guide area daughter PCB does not fit well, and I can’t guarantee it will work without it.
You also have to cut and make room for the new PCB and figure out new mountings.

My recommendation, do not even bother modding a Hori EX as they are a Pain in the ass. The Mad Catz SE is very easy to mod on the other hand. I say Keep the SE, and just trash the Hori EX.


this is all i have left of the SE, i sold the case awhile ago


You don’t need the turbo panel if its from a SE. Its the brawlstick that had a small hiccup if you didn’t have the turbo panel connected.

I don’t know if you have the stock parts in the HRAP, but there will be some soldering regardless. You’ll need to solder the home button and figure out what you will do with start/select and the joystick (solder or crimp on QDs).


don’t really need turbo anyway, i just need to solder the home button and put some QDs for the start/back buttons