Question for the Hugo Players



Last night, a friend of mine was playing Hugo and was able to pin me back really well with I believe it was crouching light kick to clap. He could repeat this 4 times easily, sometimes more. The only way I could find out of it was the forward HP+HK counter thing. If I jumped back, I ate either a clap or a kick. Have any of you Hugo players encountered someone that was able to escape without burning meter? I was playing Hwoarang and Akuma if that makes any difference.


lp clap is plus ten on block ( i think ) st. lk is even on block but can be canceled into another lp clap.

I think an SRK in-between the cancel would work but most peoples buttonholes clench up when I corner them with hugo and they let me give them the clap all day.


My favorite tactic in this entire game may be early lp clap over their body as they get up, ultra throw. Hahaha

Buy yeah reversal in between


Reversal to disrupt it does to always work.

If I space it right you can’t do anything about it.

Keep in mind that it’s not a true block string so if you have a move that extends far enough that Hugo you can punish the link however, you have to make sure you can do it fast enough.

Your understanding of frame data will help you understand how your character can deal with it but when the Hugo community smartns up…there won’t be much you can do.

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It is kinda funny how you said you would have ate the clap (gonorea joke)

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