Question for the Marvel veterans



here’s a question for the player that stuck wth the game for years and years. did you at any point stop learning something about the game?i’ve been playing for a little over 5 years and i’m still learning. i always knew marvel was one of those games that always has something new to offer.


No I’ve never been ceased to be amazed at MVC2 and I’ve been playing since it first hit arcade on the 1st one. And I’ve been playin all the VS series period since day 1. And I’m a Sent and IM vet and I’m STILL learning new shit. I JUST found what i think to be a new combo with IM because ur only able to do it on 3 characters out of the whole roster. So I say keep goin bud.


Nope, I’ve been playing since day one in the arcade and imported it for the DC, before it was released in America. I still see/learn something new almost every time I play.


no plain and simple. The only person in existence who has come near that point is Joo, a combo video maker.


Its only natural for stagnation to happen sometimes, where one does not feel like he is getting any better. Not that there isn’t always a little something new to learn, but the player himself just hits a spot for the time being where he is, or thinks he is not progressing much. That happens to me a often, but then i only play the same 3-5 characters consistently and rarely deviate.

Part of it is because i do get a little too comfortable with my playstyle sometimes, and just work on sharpening the techniques/tactics that i do have, and not really striving to improve further.


is this a “ask vets a question” thread?

if so, id like to ask one…I’ve been playing this game seriously (as in, not just mashing buttons and twilring the joystick, actually learning combos/strats/trying to get good) since around june. I am at a level where i can style on scrubs, but if i run into a decent player i get whomped bad. i know im nowhere near tournament level, and at this late in the game im wondering…how much time should i expect to put into this game to get to anywhere near decent? is it even worth it? with pretty much everyone having a ten year head start thats really intimidating.


no. you can always learn something new(that you haven’t seen).


You’ll do good and the time it takes depends on your own ability to adjust. Yes it’s worth it. And don’t let the 10 yr start intimidate you.


The last 10 years playing MvC2, I can honestly say I still see things playing marvel now that I’ve never seen before. crazy





I’ve been playing mvc2 since it first came out consistently, i quit dc/arcade marvel in 2004 after placing top 3 in evo. I recently tried to get back into the arcade version of mvc2 by joining so cal regionals but the dc marvel was totally different than ps3 marvel. it lags when you do combos, and you have to input slower, color hacked version of mvc2 on dc was gay as fuck, and the music they played "STAR WARS theme’ really screwed my gameplay because it was so gay.
i’ve been playing on psn mvc2 now and i still discover new shit, the game evolves because people get better and you discover more different tactics to use. I used to main storm/sent/cable. Now i mainly use ironman and abuse the shit out of the flying strats.


shun the non-believer!


Wtf David L back on that mahvel??


I’m afraid that no game will be as free form as mvc2 is. What other game has glitches that take 10+mins to trigger, thats just insane!

Here we are, mvc3 is just around the corner and you STILL have people making up\discovering new tactics and glitches. I’ve never seen ANY game evolve this much from beginning to end.


marvel fo life


I’m always learning something new, damn this game.


ive never played a game that makes me feel as awesome, satisfied, salty, angry, hopeless, or exhausted…in just one round


there are just waaaay to many options to try in the game there will always be new stuff

I don’t know if it’s xb360 only and I haven’t tested it too much but tell me why so far it seems only dhalsim can throw only strider + omega red grab assist, input and hold up, and strider stays frozen in midair for several seconds vulnerable. I’ve tried many other throwers and throwees, all with different effects, but only strider freezes LOL. I imagine there’s a lot of other similar unique cases like that.


Sounds like a special case of y-boost. Pablosteel & I have a ‘not seen before’ combo we’ll produce at some point involving y-boost…