Question for the mod

There was no reason to close that thread as I said N0THING wrong in it,but I guess you are preparing for what COULD happen.:wink: I am glad to hear that they are in fact bringing it back,but when???

i think you also misunderstood me about that.I am a full supporter of Udon and their sf and ds comics are like CRACK to you can see why i am so upset about them delaying a book that I really love. I will continue to buy them and would never stop that(their sf and ds projects are far too good to stop) , but then there goes the problem-how are you supposed to buy something that NEVER is available??? One last question-is Udon working on getting darkstalkers back THIS YEAR and are they working on getting sf and ds on regular schedules(not saying it would happen but are they atleast trying to do that)?

Don’t get me wrong.Udon makes marvelous comics IMO,the PROBLEM is not havingt any to buy for a LONG time. Thanks for your time and clearing a little of it up. Please don’t close the thread until you respond and I have a chance to respond back.thank you.

…because making a thread singling out a mod and asking “Why’d you close my thread?” is a great way to ingratiate him with you…

Get lost, you can’t compare to my powers…

(Although I do think the thread was closed unjustly…)

I never ASKED him why he closed my thread.I KNOW he closed it for whatever reason I just wanted to respond to him but COULD NOT do that since he CLOSED the thread.

so you get lost,your powers are meaningless to someone stronger.:rofl:

Your powers of whining?

In that case… you win.

lol good one.:sweat: (goes and hides back under rock)

Regarding closed threads and what not, a mod at the Megaman forums once told me -

First rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club.

Second rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club.

Wow, now I know what he meant… :rofl: Seriously, we have our reasons for why we do the things we do and we are doing the best we can to make this forum the best it can be.

As for myself, if you ever have issues with anything I do you can always toss me a PM and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can. Still new at this, it’s possible I’ll mess up and use ill judgement at times. This is our forum shared by us all, I’m welcome to any thoughts and suggestions and whatever you have to say. But due to the nature of things it’s best if I respond in a PM if possible instead of posting my dirty laundry.

I actually closed the other thread because I honestly thought there was nothing
else more to say. laughs This time I’ll leave it. smiles UNLESS it gets out
of hand… hahaha!

Lets see… your questions…
DarkStalkers. GOD I love the comics. Ken Siu really out-did himself with the story.
Honestly? we are looking for an artist for DarkStalkers. Now that Alvin moved on
to SFII… its really hard to find an artist who can live up to such a great series!
We don’t have a set date on when DS is coming back, but I PROMISE you that
WHEN (notice I didn?t say IF) it comes back, I’ll post it RIGHT AWAY!!!

As for comics coming out on time… there are many factors which reflect on the
release dates. In most cases, the printers! We normally get our comics completed on
time and are ready to start on the next issue, but as you can see from Street Fighter II
Issue 4, we are getting a 1 week delay because the person handling our printer account
needed to take a leave of absence, and a new person who is not handling comics has to
take over! And believe me… it’ll be worth the wait (I’ve seen what happens in this issue)
w00t w00t!

Yeah… I know how it feels. Waiting on and on and on…
What we hope our fans can understand is that we are NOT a monthly comic company.
If that’s not your cup of tea… that’s cool… but you know u like em… wink. Actually…
in all honestly, we are TRYING to be. We gotta start slow though, so please bare with
us. Here’s some good news for you… Alvin is almost done Issue 5!!! That’s right… the
issue is almost done (14 out of 18 pages) … BEFORE ISSUE 4 IS EVEN RELEASED!!!
So I hope that is a little flame to spark your faith.

We are REALLY trying.
We love our fans. We love you. Hell I love you. haha!

“Thank you for reading”. Capcom pun intended.

Oh by the way… Sano’s right… if its a post directed to me,
PM me next time. If its an open discussion, then make a thread.
This one was directed towards me, but I’ll let it slide this time.


thanks alot, sfdevotion. You guys are awesome! sorry if I sounded like a whiney baby,but I swear i am addicted to udon’s comics.I WANT street fighter comics and darkstalkers comics like crack! lol I would NEVER stop supporting or buying the comics asl ong as udon makes them,obviously. I am so relieved to hear nothing is cancelled.:sweat: Waiting does not really bother me at all,as long as I get them I am happy.The ONLY reason waiting bothers me is in fear of a comic being cancelled,but worrying about it does no good. thanks again,sfdevotion,you and sano will make excellent mods here and hopefully ONE DAY we can get ole’ Erik(udoneko) to come back.

p.s. oh,sorry about not just pming you.i really didn’t think about it,and I will next time to you or sano, but atleast other fans got the info as well this time.take care.

Personally, I think Alvin Lee should go back to DS and whoever drew SF before should do it again. Alvin Lee’s art just seems a little… off… for SF IMO.

But that’s just me…

#5 almost done when #4 isn’t out? You know, that doesn’t actually make me that pleased. Why? Because it’ll revert back to #6 or 7 being delayed again most likely anyway.

#4 is coming out this week…as far as I know.

Wow. I saw this as I was coming in the forums on the last posted list and I’ll have to say that if you dared do this in any other part of the SRK forums I’d personally ban you. I suggest you look at that little link right next to the User CP called “FAQ” and read up. Don’t slip up like that again. If you ever have an issue on these boards, it would be in your best interests to learn how things actually work(one simple thing you could’ve done would be to click on any of the mods’ user names either in their posts, or at the section moderator listing at the bottom of each forum page. That will bring you to their profile and give you all the possible ways you could’ve contacted him without looking like a complete asshole).

Some mods aren’t as forgiving as SFD and Sano are. And even less are even half as forgiving as me. Take the time out and learn how SRK works, and maybe this board will become a better place. Or be an asshole and we can toss angry words around and I ban you.

Angry Mod out.

Wow! just wow! my post made me look like an asshole? didn’t know that. and didn’t know either I could get banned for making a topic like this.I don’t have anything bad to say to you,Saotome,but I feel like getting banned for something like this without even a warning is a bit harsh,BUT if that’s how things work I understand.I will check the faqs again( I have read through them before,but that was a few years back).

I apologized for not pming him about it and I SHOULD have done that.I even said that in my follow up post for now on I would.either way,I guess I really need to watch myself if getting banned is that easy.I didn’t have any clue because I have seen so much bad stuff posted on srk so atleast you did get that across to me.

for now on I will only address the public if I want to post about something.Which I do hope you know I was not only asking for myself,but figured others might want to know as well.

edit-and I am very sorry,sfdevotion,sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me.I didn’t mean to single you out at all.I feel bad about that and if I need to ask you,Sano or anyone else something I will make sure I PM you or use the suggestions Saotome mentioned.Thank you for being cool and putting up with the nonsense.

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First off, Time_Stop: Shut up.

We know it’s late. It’s always late. Deal. So is The Ultimates (we should be well into vol. 4 by now, but you don’t see anyone complaining about that, do you?)

Second off, Artayes: How can you not know that posting a thread, calling out a mod, and whining about your thread getting closed is a bannable offense? I think you’ve been around longer than I have… (checks reg date) okay, like half a year after me, but still… how do you not know?

I can see if your reg date was something 2006 (or even Dec 05), but Aug 03? Come on man, pay attention.

Just to toss this out there, this is directly from the FAQ, Rules for section(aka the first section, as well as the first rule)


The FAQ hasn’t changed bro, so at this point I’m doubting that you actually read it. But whatever, all I’m asking is to educate yourself and others so this bad trend of posting stops.

It’s bullshit that the mods do their job and get a consistantly bad rap unless they cater to each individual poster’s needs, especially when most posters still don’t know all the basic rules.

For Comic section mods, at the very least change the title to not bring attention to yourselves…=p

Good advice, done and done.

EEErrr… yeah,I fucked up this apologies.paying attention is certainly something I need to do more of.:looney:

Saotome,it won’t happen again and I did read the rules but it was awhile back and I goofed up.sorry,bro.

But looking forward to more ds and sf though.:wgrin:

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