Question for those using ps-14-k with sanwa switches


Are there any subtle differences you notice compared to real sanwas? A longer push to activation or anything you don’t like?

Asking cause Focusattack is having their sale soon and i want to get clears. Choices are sanwa, ps14k, Or HBFS30. I’m eliminating sanwa though cause I hear the tabs break so darn easily. Currently using solid color sanwas though and have no problem with them. are way more expensive and have extra push to activation Which I’m unsure about. So I’m asking about seimitsu which I can replace switches if I don’t like the seimitsu feel…


Depends on the Seimitsu button. Some can have there switches swapped with Sanwa switches and some can not.

Screw-in Sanwa buttons and Snap-in Seimitsu buttons do exist and are currently sold.


they activate about the same, just sw-68 (sanwa) are generally softer, the tkc micros seimitsu generally have more resistance, but its not that big difference overtime… if you really wanna see how they might feel, grab a cheapo HORI stick with stock hori buttons, it should be like that (but a bit better due to slicker plastic and nicer build on seimitsus)

And good call on the PS-14-K, The tabs on those are very good, and don’t easily break. also better color selection.


ok, guess imma give the seimitsus a try, thanks for the input. Color selection wise though I’m just going for clears p=


I would get the screw ins. You never have to worry about tabs breaking, but… a warning. Screw ins may or may not have a different switch, however, if it happens to be a G switch (large one) it feels much better than the switches used in Sanwa and Seimitsu’s smalls switch buttons.


Some people complain about screw-ins coming loose. This can happen. I use some medium plastic thread locker to hold them secure.


What do you mean by better? I haven’t considered getting the seimitsus with the big switches cause I wouldn’t have a back up plan (put in sanwa switches).


Why would you need a backup plan? These switches were designed to be used in a commercial arcades. You are at home, the odds are you not going wear out these switches in years, perhaps decades.
Anyways you can still buy the Seimitsu G switches loose should a switch die.


Not worried about wearing them out, worried that i might not like the way they feel compared to sanwa


They are a little stiffer. Just resting your fingers on them will not activate the button. I feel Sanwa requires only a “feather touch” while Seimitsu takes “intent” to activate.

I once tested how stiff both buttons are by apply weights (I used US nickles as they are supposedly exactly 5 grams) Sanwa buttons take 13 nickles or 65 grams to activate while Seimitsu requires 75 grams.


Thanks man!! That’s actually really helpful cause I’ve done the same with keyboards before while shopping for a mechanical one.


Plus the Seimitsu G switches have a really LOW profile compared to Sanwa. They’re nice feeling too, easy to double tap.