Question for Vewlix cabinet owners

Hi all! I have a question for Vewlix cabinet owners. I managed to obtain one pre-owned one, but I have a problem with putting it together. According to my manual I should connect JVS cable to Taito Type X2. But I can’t identify it. Would be possible to receive a picture or link to JVS cable image and how I should connect it to Type X2? I will be very grateful for any kind of help regarding this.

The links I found on Arcade Otaku were dead, but I did find something that might help,

Search for viewlix and pick the second manual named “Vewlix manual part 2” its a pdf - its got some of the circuit boards and the proper port/connections listed in the diagrams.

hope that helps, you may also want to email taito support and give them the serial number on the chassis, mines a clone, made in the same factory i’m told, but not an official cabinet, so they wont help me.

Ohh, and this,

check that one, I love the internets so much.

Thank you very much for those documents. They were very helpful and I managed to solve my problem!