Question for you pros

ok, im wondering and have been for a while, do you 3s pros immediately do qcf qcf after with chun or ken and THEN tap the button if it hits on reaction, or do you do qcf qcf after you see it hit because you’re just godly like that? is there an easier way to get the super on reaction (say like dp qcf+k for super?) ??. thanks :slight_smile:

You dont always have to do that.

what you can do is do c mk and because the hit confirm is so long youc an do 236236 k to connect.

You can do it your way but that way isnt to relaible because you could do it when you dont want to because your hopeing that they will get hit by the c mk. there are many ways to do it.

I personally do a 360 after the c mk then if it hits il finish the motion and k . that takes practice but i found its most effective

I don’t think anyone’s reaction time is that godly that they can tell in a split second if the will hit or miss and if they should continue the qcf. I think it’s more from punishing a parried or whiffed attack then doing it just because you think it will hit. I see people do the super just because the opponent isn’t expecting it.On the Evo semi and finals i’ve seen daigo and deshi move back and forward and suddenly do the because their opponent wasn’t expecting it. qcf qcf pause wait to see if it hits then press the button would be too difficult imo but idunno maybe top players do,do it like not anywhere near top btw

With Chun-Li I do crouching medium kick and wait for it to hit. If I buffer during the medium kick I tend to stay in the habit of just following through after the motion, so I find waiting and actually confirming first more acurate, even though it may be conciderably harder to do. You can cancel so late in the’s hit stun and recovery, that there’s more than enough time to spot the hit, you just have to be ready and looking for the opening. Otherwise you’ll lose your concentration.

With Ken, you can’t cancel any where near as late as you can like in Chun-Li’s, so I tend to Keep the hit confirm for or Ken has so many options he doesn’t need to rely on a hit confirm as much as Chun-Li does. His preasure game and natural ability to mix up add far much more than one single hit confirm.

No, the pros are hit confirming EVERY super. That’s why they’re pros. Even I can hit confirm consistantly with chun and I suck. You just do the qcf motions immediately, then if you see it connect tap kick again. I know some people actually wait to see the move hit, then do the super motions, but i’m not that fast on the 1p side. I can do it on the 2p side though.

Drumming can also help a lot when trying to hit confirm. It adds a different thing to do instead of just pressing kick, so you’ll be less reluctant to just press that button. Also drumming helps you get the super off as early as possible, so it will be good in those tight situations where you might have canceled too late.

i have no idea what direction the numbers are, im not used to it, could someone translate?

and i like the 360 idea, im pretty good at 360’ing so i think that would fit me best, but i would still like to learn the “hit confirm” way

oh and is hit confirming doing qcf qcf, wait to see if it hits, drum kicks? i dont find chuns to be cancellable that long, but would it be a link just in case it doesnt combo?

I’m no pro, but I do the qcfx2 immediately after a and with Ken. I twitch every now and then and my finger slips and hits a kick or I hesitate and didn’t drum my kicks.

From what I remember isn’t Chun’s into SA2 a late cancel?
It’s not very hard to connect Chun’s super after a

By no means am I anything other than a scrub… but when I’m playing Sean (or other shotos) and cancelling a normal to a super, I usually just put the QCF, QCF motion in whenever I stick something out. If it hits, I drum. My reflexes are usually good enough to cancel (or forget the super) in time, but I still fuck it up a lot. Especially from the right-hand side (still working on that… :P). It’s also harder for me with certain characters’ normals (Oro’s close Strong, for example).

I would say, for Ken or Chun (don’t play Chun, but I’m assuming the timing is lenient enough), get into the habit of doing QCF, QCF every time you stick out a cancellable poke. Because then if it hits, all you have to worry about is drumming, not inputting the motion as well.

after some gameplay i find that the 360 version works best for me, just have to stop pressing kick if it misses lol.

He was talking about shoto And he’s right

236 = qcf.

Look at the numpad on your keyboard, and take the numbers as directions.

623 = dp, 41236 = hcf, etc.

co mutha fuckn sign.

you make it sound easier than it actually is though. Hit confirming is difficult to land consistently. Besides chungli has a late cancel hers dont count. Someone said it earlier. confirm sa cancel w\a shoto may be easy in training mode but try that shit in a match and see how often you miss it.

I suck on 1p side too wtf is up with that? but yea if you can hit confirm ken and dudley become gods. I dont think ive seen a video where daigo misses a hit confirm yet. Me thinks hes a robot made by the japanese to defeat the americans at 3s. Japs got scrilla like that. They can blow crazy cash on them daigo bots.

I 360 confirm on one side and double scoop on the other. Go with what works.

this thread is hilarious.
low mk hit confirm with ken is important. Practice in training mode on a random block dummy to take your ken to another level.

Ken has like 57 different hit confirms for shippu, why not learn those just use low forward to punish whiffs?

ken needs the low footsie game. It makes his other moves twice as dangerous if the opp knows you can stick the shinpuu.

I cant hit confirm consistently so i just punish wiffs with instant super like you said. Its a good tatic but the opp will minimize on wiffing eventually.

Sign up, if you haven’t done so already.
There’s a very handy SF 3S tutorial video there.
Go download it.

My 2 cents on hit confirm.
If you want a higher rate of success, just think that every time that you stick out a, be ready to do qcf,qcf.

Personally I do a qcf,qcf motion almost everytime after I do, when I get rush the fuck down:sweat: ) and wait to see if it hits, then I drum the buttons if it does.

So, it’s, qcf,qcf (the motion should end around when your move is done recovering), and just wait for the hit before touching a button. In the end, you still have to have a good reaction time in order to see if it hits or not.

I press mk in the middle of my first QCF, I do the second QCF every time and only drum if it hits, works fine -I think I’ll try that guys idea of doing a 360 tho, sounds interesting.

Ken has so many different mix up options to bait whiffs though, just don’t develop pattern with it.

And when and if they start to minimize on whiffs there’s plenty of other ways to set up easier hit confirms like short short, c. strong, st. strong, close st. strong x fierce chain (xx fireball), etc. That make the low forward hit confirm unessential.

There’s nothing wrong with learning it, but it isn’t a necessary tool.