Question for you SF fans

When reading youz guyses posts, I have noticed that I dont know as much about SF as you guys, but I have played most of the games and won. I have also read all of the (new) comics and seen both the original SF2 movie as well as the SF Alpha movie.

How do you guys know Ken is 3/4 Japanese and that Gen beat up Akuma and all this stuff??

Is all of this official?? Is it in a comic or story that was realeased in the U.S.??

Im so confused… help me out here.

Most of this information comes from books we call AAC or the All About Capcom Books. They cover everyithing regarding Street Fighter. The Books have only been released in Japanese however. With the US Translation of SF Eternal, some of this info will finally be released in English.

Go to the Adress in Poster TiamatRoar’s Signature and read the Street Fighter Plot Guide. It’s as close to reading AAC in English as you can get.

I highly recomend reading this Thread and any questions can be asked there and if I can’t answer someone will. And will prolly answer better than I can…

And another small Question

As this question is dealt with, a sudden small something just came up with me and I thought I’d ask it to test you Street Fighter fans.

I was just playing Street Fighter 2 today when this showed up on the winning screen.

“You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance.”

I used to think that was Ryu’s masters name but thats “Gouken” isn’t it? Or maybe even it was the name of the second old dude that trained in there style from SF1 but he’s Retsu.

So who is this Shen Long? Is he just some random guy Ryu refers too to confuse the people he’s just beaten up with? Or is he some pretty famous fighter out of history I know nothing of, or maybe even alive now? Because I don’t know.

That was one of Capcom USA’s bad translations. Sheng Long means Dragon Punch. What Ryu was actually saying was, “You must defeat my/the Dragon Punch/Shoryuken to stand a chance.”

People in the US were confused by this and started thinking that Sheng Long was Ryu’s Master. Then USA’s EGM Magazine started their infamous April Fool’s Prank that said you could fight against Sheng Long who was Ryu and Ken’s master. The joke got so big, Capcom USA asked Capcom of Japan if this was an actual trick, and a Japanese Magazine reprinted this trick! In the end, it did lead Capcom of Japan to create Gouki(Akuma in the US) and the same exact requirements EGM listed - winning every single round - was used to fight Gouki. Capcom however, made Gouki Gouken’s brother who is Ryu and Ken’s actual Master.

Ah. Bad thing about over here in England is we get all the crap and no explanation. I never saw the article on all of that though and its kinda interesting that that was how Akuma came about.

And now I know. Thank you.

It’s called the official storyline canon.

well for 1 information, 2 street fighter 2 ova series were you see his parents father is white mother japanese,3 HELL look at him sure he has white skin,but you’ve never looked at his eyes.

The requirements EGM made up to fight “Sheng Long” were not just to win every single round. You also had to fight Bison 10 rounds straight without getting hit and ending each round in a draw (which was probably impossible, but many people didn’t realize it at the time). I don’t think you needed to do that to fight Akuma though.