Question for Yun players

(Hope this goes here)

Anyways guys i was wondering what kind of player do you get beat by the most.Like is it the agressive guys that do it, the turtle guys, the parry happy etc.

Just wanted to know :tup:

for my hugo…turtle guys drive me crazy…i hate chasing :lol:

A little too late, huh tyler?

but awesome question.

Robert you shh! Lol

Guess people have to think about this one

And im asleep

I’m don’t think I understand the question here… ;p

I’m going to assume you are asking Yun players which type of style they have the most trouble against.

The toughest challenge for Yun (at least for me), are the ones who stay in your face. They jump when u jump, and the stay on the ground when you stay on the ground. outside of GJ, yun is definitely at a disadvantage in terms of priority.

Turtles are pretty easy to topple over with yun. As long as you can stay on top of your opponent, especially with dive kick > x sj cancel > blahblahblah.

Parry happy players tend not to do well in any aspect of the game. Parrying is risky and should only be done if you absolutely KNOW you will get a parry and an advantage afterwards. I used to be parry happy, and I’ve been taught and told to just block ^^

Thanks for answering man. And yea i meant want gives you the most trouble