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Hi there. I feel really out of place posting on this sub-forum, but here it goes.

It seems to me that there is a general consensus amongst the community that Chun Li is a bad character and not viable for tournaments. I would simply like to know why people think this because it doesn’t make any sense to me.


it doesn’t make sense to me why a high level Chun can’t beat a high level other player but you are correct as far as tourneys go such as EVO
you won’t see a Chun player in top 8 and here are some reasons why:

Chun Li has several bad match ups that are commonly used at high level play
She lacks a vortex as well as not being a mix up heavy character without taking some hefty risks that can lead to getting hurt really bad.
No Command grabs
No Safe - FADCable reversals
Situational Anti Airs (no cure all move)
She lacks a move that is brain dead like C.Viper’s Burn Kicks or Yun,Yang,Rufus’ Dive Kicks
Her Super is awesome, Her Ultra 1 has fall out issues with many cast members and even then most have to be spaced properly with correct combos,
Ultra 2 is semi versatile but the damage is far too low for me to personally to even consider using it in a match.

She has excellent walk speed and pokes as well as a pretty good FA with solid range.
Fair fireball game but nothing like Guile or Dee Jay’s as far as charge characters go.
has the abilities to build good stun and perform meterless combos with fair damage.

With all that said I do feel strongly that players such as Y24 or Vivitan could do some serious damage at an EVO tourney.


Being that you play Vega, I’m not surprised that you think chun is better than she really is(cuz many people feel like chun does very well in that match). But the main problem is that she just fundamentally does not have what it takes to compete with The high tier at a high level without taking risks. Some of us are trying to figure out some new stuff to help this but we will see where it leads in time.

She’s very good at footsies but I feel like her zoning leaves a bit to be desired and as far as brain dead stuff that does damage, like ray said, she just doesn’t have anything like that at all.


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wakeup and vulnerability to vortex characters, and EX bird costs one stock and is still easily stuffed.

It’s like she got left behind as the game evolved (from zoning and keepaway to divekicks, rushdown, and aggressive mixups)

Pages 5 and 6 of here have a fair bit of discussion on the topic.

Same for this page of the general thread, 216 and onwards.


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Quick question…whats the general opinion on the Vega/Chun-Li match up?


Solid 5-5

but good vegas rape her


Vega has a lot of good tools and speed for keeping people out, but of course if they get in they can make it hell for him. This is no different for Chun vs him. She can’t really outpoke him the way she can other characters and he’s one of the few characters that can punish her sweep on block pretty easy, so it’s important for her to work at getting in to give him problems. His pokes do make that hard, but I just try not to get frustrated or take too much damage on the way in.
He’s no slouch at playing his own mix up game on a knockdown either, but it’s pretty basic and not as bad as some other characters can make the wakeup game.

I do like that pretty much all of Chun’s Bnbs and Ultras do full hits and full damage on Vega. Can’t say the same for other damn matchups (particularly some of her bad ones) :rolleyes:.

"Becoming the strongest woman in the world!" Chun-li Match-up Thread

As others have said, Chun lacks a lot of tools to make her a tournament viable character.

She also suffers from poor mixup potential, an overabundance of situational anti-airs (off the top of my head I can count at least seven or eight different ones, and there are easily more), low damage, and low comeback potential. In order for Chun to come back from a severe life lead, her opponent has to make a mistake. At high level play this is unlikely.

So the takeaway is that Chun has to control a match from start to finish. Simply put, it is too hard for her to do this at high level.


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Movie says 9-1 and she got lucky.


She should have a couch throw move (vs Vega only) in future games.


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