Question: How do you mount your PCB to your control panel?

Hi guys, I’m looking for a bit of info on mounting a pad hacked wireless xbox controller to my control panel for a custom stick I’m building. I’m trying to decide whether I should house it within a project box, or find some way to just anchor it exposed to the 3/4" MDF i am using. I’d prefer not to screw the board directly into the MDF, and definitely need to anchor it in place to keep the board from moving around. Any recommendations?


I use these type of “binding posts” or “screw posts” from my local hardware stores.You can also find them in brass,black,stainless,etc… if ya look around

Thank you for the tip, Dankster. I’ll try it out on some scrap wood first perhaps to see what I think about it, it shouldn’t need more than two screws to hold it!

Though I haven’t tried it, I’ve heard decent things about Velcro tape

I always use nails or screws, don’t really mind nailing or screwing on the inside of the mdf panel and it works great. Just gotta be careful with the hammer not to hit to hard or on the pcb.

You have a couple of other options.

Adhesive Zip tie mounts.

Or you could take a piece of acrylic left over and screw mounting holes for your pcb on it, then hot glue/cement/fasten that that to the inside of your case.

I myself would use two L brackets on the acrylic to fasten it to the sides.

I use adhesive zip tie mounts and zip ties!

Im using 15 mm plastic spacer nuts to mount my Cthulhu board on the MDF. I drilled a hole say a few mm into the wood, enough for the spacers to go in the MDF but not enough so that they would go through halfway. Then I dropped a few drops of carpenter’s glue and placed the spacers in.

They look like the black ones in this pic (without a bolt end) but in white or something.

Didnt have my digicam with me but here’s a semi decent pic of the plastic spacer nuts i used on my stick

good ideas guys, i’m liking those plastic spacer nuts you used TheZen, sorta like motherboard standoffs. I’ll have a look at home depot for some parts like that, and see if it will work for my setup!

No problem. Normally though, I think your crew is suppose to be long enough to hold down the pcb, go through the spacer nut and a bit into the wood. That way whenever you removed it, the spacer were not stuck in place.

I couldnt find any screws that were long enough so I used the glue method.