Question: If you could add/change 2 things to HDR


If you could have TWO things for the next version/patch of HDR, what would they be?


fix input/display/overall lag
fix input motion to align with old ones i.e. no qcf => srk or HCF => HCB


Fix input lag (especially on PS3 version), along with frame skipping (always thought it was dumb and silly), and the weird slow down whenever fireballs land.
And bring back the original sprites and background images (both HDR and Classic sprites don’t look very good imo)


Fix the quarter match rooms from blowing up constantly
Fix input motions like newegg said


Make it so that anytime someone booted up SSF4 or SFxT they were hijacked and taken directly to an HDR player room.

Make it a federal law that every SF2 player has to play HDR for at least a month with an actual open mind, regardless of their personal feelings for Sirlin or their natural instinct to just do/believe/feel whatever Damdai or Papasi tell them to.

Seriously, though, even better (more stable) netcode is never a bad thing.

Just erase Akuma from the game already and be done with it.

I think a few of the input changes should stay, Dhalsim’s Yoga Fire, Yoga Flame changes made perfect sense and should stay. I also have no problem on tbe input change to Gief’s Green Hand or Sagat’s TK (though I can see Green Hand being SRK and not QCF). I’m meh on CW and Hooligan. I’m for changing SPDs back just so everyone will shut up about it and stop using it as a lazy excuse to dismiss the game. I don’t think it would have an impact either way.


The only change I care about is the input leniency that makes certain things come out when they shouldn’t (like walkup fireballs getting you a SRK or SPD motions giving you green hand or Hawk SRK).


1: Add back O. Characters in HDR.
2: Lock out Akuma from Ranked, and add the ability to create lobbies that block the use of Akuma.


two words.

Laser… (wait for it) MOTHERFUCKINGCANON!!!


I loaded it yesterday for the first time in a while, and it made me download an update, yet felt laggier than what I remember. Maybe just the fast pace of blitzing down with Pai on VF has thrown it off for me.

If you host a room, you should be able to kick obvious laggers or playstyles that look bogus. More players in general would be nice, but really, I can’t see it happening at this stage. Pretty much all the 2d games on Live or PSN seem to have horrible issues with them (inputs, resolution, search functions, no real penalties for d/cers on ranked etc.), such a shame.


Basically, yeah, let’s have a pure and lagless port of ST, with good match search options and basic room control, like SFIV has!

Also, as a Chun Li player, I take issue with guys like Sirlin drastically weakening her just to pander to the whiny shoto masses. Getting real sick of landing super, with add-on, and they’re still alive. Dhalsim feels dreadful as well now, what was that about? Not like he was anywhere near as popular in matchplay as some of the others. I would love to see or hear what top JP players like Gian or Oto really think about this project.


I mean, I’m not even adverse to playing HDR with its changes, but for the visuals and sounds, I would love to be able to use the original stuff. It’d be cool to get the old CPS1 sounds as well, since I much prefer the throw, hit, and block sounds in early versions of SF2.

But yeah, a better online system would be wonderful.

I could see they would weaken her super. It did do ridiculous amounts of damage, completely changes how you fight her, and quick to build. Worst of all, you can store it, so it’s like a slightly weaker version of Balrog’s super that you can walk forward and perform.

Whiny shoto masses? Shotos complain about the Chun match? It’s a pretty fair match imo, maybe slightly shoto advantaged before she builds super. I mean I don’t like the match, but I certainly don’t whine about it.


Yeah, stored Chun super going for 80% is reaaaally fair. Sim is dreadful? How? Because you can’t slide-noogie loop (as easily) or paste Guile without trying?

  • Balance Akuma
  • Bring back originals


‘ST/HDR: Honda/Rog/Hawk’



And lol@people criticizing ST trying to defend HDR’s failed rebalance ethos :tdown:


What about it? Are you trying to insinuate that my choice of characters benefits me playing HDR over ST? Rog got nerfed, Honda is considered by most to have neutral changes made to him, and a lot of Hawk players consider Old Hawk better than HDR Hawk. Or the fact that I don’t play Chun? I’d love to hear your rationale on why Chun deserves such a fucking broken super.

Failed rebalance ethos? Cute. Seeing how you’re one of the many ST trolls who consider any rebalance attempt on ST to be sacrilege, one wonders what you’re doing in this part of the forum in the first place.


Only a matter of time before this becomes a ST vs. HDR debate again. Just let it go. Support your scene, be it ST or HDR or both, by attending or holding local sessions and tournaments. Otherwise, it’s just pointless bitching on the internet.


I don’t mean an overpowered laser like Cables where he can control the beam up or down, but more like Iron Man’s laser beam. Yeah, it’ll be big and powerful, but the slow start up means that if you got hit by it, its your own fault. The main purpose of the hawk laser will just be for chip damage. I mean, a lot of times you are really fighting tooth and nail to get in, and once your in, you fuck up 1 little thing and they escape and all that hard work is down the drain. Well, the Hawk laser will be the equalizer. Just that little bit of chip you needed to win the game. And if your stupid enough to get hit by that slow start up, well then fuck you buddy.

I’m just saying. Hawk Laser.


Does the Jesus necklace power it up?

  1. “Old” characters back (though some tweaks to them would be welcome too, so half of them wouldn’t be nearly worthless)

  2. More attention paid to online details, including reducing additional input delay over the arcade version, as well as filtering by ping, and being able to kick players


I guess it could be like Vega’s claw, if you block to much the Hawk Jesus flys off and you can’t power your Hawk Laser. Then you have to pick up your necklace in order to use the Hawk Laser again.