Question modding a te

I have searched but I’m either not using the right terms or getting lost in the results.

If I want to switch out the buttons on my te stick I would use Sanwa OBSF-30, correct? And to change the buttons I have to peel off the artwork, is it possible to easily do this without damaging it so it can be reused?

Also to change the ball top does it just unscrew? Mine seems to just free spin

  1. OBSF-30 buttons are correct.
  2. No, you don’t have to take the artwork off, it’s not necessary to remove.
  3. To change ball top, need flat head screwdriver to secure shaft while unscrewing the ball.

no u dont have to peel off the artwork to change the buttons… u just push them out. and u can use any kind of buttons as long as they are 30mm

and yes to change the ball top u just hold the balltop while loosening the screw under the joystick then screw the balltop off then put the new one on and tighten the screw again


I thought to open the case you had to remove the artwork?

What is in place to show the case has been opened and the buttons are plug and play correct

Also is the red trim removable around the edge of the controller?

found this video on youtube that I think answers all my questions pretty well


What version do you have? I am not sure if the TE-S has the artwork glued down but the Round 1 and Round 2 you only have to unscrew the top hex bolts.

I have the te round 2, and after watching the video you don’t have to take the art work off to remove the cover or the buttons.