Question Necro Combo?

I just had interest to play bit of Necro…

in practise mode trying to do that combo on Urien wer you hit him 5 times with :db: H:p: elbow?

Is there specific timing to it or can it only be done when he’s stunned?

No he does not have to be can hit him 6 times in the corner and get 61 points with about 70% stun.

The way to get it is in the corner get the first hit then hit him before he hits the ground again the other five hits go slower.Remember the second hit is very different it looks like you wont hit him but you will he is very meaty.So get down the second hit then go slower:tup:

Wahey!! played a lil 3s and was able to do 6 hits! cheers for the feed back :tup:

you can bd fierce x6 and b.strong in alex and hugo for urien you can finish whit a s.jab

please see la necro comboing in this thead

ya i knew about that, your thread tells us about combo’s (but not the timing on how its done, thats wot i wanted to know) thanks anyway.

Sorry Coreografo I get Comission for this Necro Sale:rofl: