Question of the console kind

  1. is mvc2 gona be on ps2?

  2. if its on ps2 will it be ok to use r2/l2 for lp+hp and lk+hk?

  1. i think MvC2 and CvS2 are going to be DC… since u know the PS2 verison sucks and all…:confused: it does it has lag and gameplay issues CvS2 i wouldn’t mind on ps2 but DC is ok with me…

  2. if u really want to use ur PS2 pad…(why!?! why!? WHY would some 1 use pads on a national tourney… god tell me why!?) u can buy a PS2 to DC converter on ebay or any v-games store and u can use ur PS2 pad
    …i hope that helps:o


does no one read any of the evo rules concerning pads? this has been discussed 93759837498 times already. NO shortcut buttons are allowed. it is considered cheating since it eliminates human error. so this means, no assigning 2 or more buttons/commands to a single button. that is not tolerated. so i guess the answer for you would be, no you cant have perfect air dashing with magneto, you gotta press 2 buttons with the rest of them…


if you have a namco psx stick, and your convertor binds the assists the wrong way (almost every convertor i’ve seen), are you allowed to change the buttons?

cause if not, does anyone know of any convertors that map them the right way


lol of course you can change the buttons lol. no ones stick/pad layout will be exactly the same. just no mapping 2 or more buttons or any commands on any buttons. basically the only attack buttons you should have are your standard 6 buttons. your 7th and 8th button cant be like jab+short, or ppp or other varied shortcuts. now if you have extra buttons, you can always place jab at two different buttons. you can map the original buttons commands on any button you wish.

the ONLY rule is no macros, no shortcut buttons, no multi command buttons, no custom combo activation button or anything like that. if any button mapeed on the stick/pad that has more than 1 button assigned to it, i would expect to be DQ’ed


damn that’s gonna take a lot of time (mapping buttons after every match)


takes like 5 seconds to map. if you know your stick and what button is which, it shouldnt be a problem. plus you can setup while the opponent is still coming. thats not an issue


What do you think about mapping taunt on CvS2?

After all in the arcade it is one button.



dc is only 6 buttons. no room for a taunt button unless you rewire your shit so 2 buttons are binded to that one switch. and even then, it activates both buttons at the exact same time, so if you hit that button at the wrong time where you cant taunt, it WILL pause, and ggpo to you, and im sure even randomly it may pause anyway by doing that. its not worth it