Question on at&t internet

There plan has 150gb of usage with 10$ each 50gb after

I like to hop on psn a few hours after work and play some sf4 and on weekends longer if I’m home
On my pc I’ll browse websites and watch vids on YouTube and here

So would 150gb be enough?

Right now I have the most horrible and slow Internet and can’t play online without lots of lag

I am here:,-82.489436

Hey, I was in your area Thursday!

This area blows I wanna move to Clearwater or st pete

I am here:,-82.489287

if that’s all you’re going to do then yes, that’s fine. if you’re into torrents and shit, then you may have a problem. btw, i’d recommend staying away from att. i’ve been screwed over by them for so many years now because everything is on one contract that it’s hard not to leave them. even though the majority of the time my internet works fine, they’re always fucking around with the hubs installing uverse and disconnecting you at the worst times. then you call and bitch until they finally give in and fix your problem. imo, it’s not worth it. if you have access to fios and it’s within your budget, go for that.

I appreciate the response, I don’t mind spending the extra cash in fact I would prefer to for fast Internet the complex I live in the only choices are onlyfastnet and AT&T and onlyfastnet is by far the worst company ever so I might be just stuck with AT&T I just didn’t want to pay outrageous fees for going over the gig limit for mediocre Internet

I am here:,-82.489457

If you think AT&T is bad, try Rogers. Crooks fucked us over with a 3GB/ month plan for $30 a month, if you reach 4GB it’s $45 a month, 5GB is $60, and another $100 for every GB after that. No joke. These guys suck hard. Tricked my dad into a 2 year contract with them with this fucking thing*.
And to top it all off, it has to be shared with 7 people too. :confused:

that sucks. we don’t get Rogers or anything small business related where i’m at (san joaquin, california). all we have is att, comcast, and something else that’s shittier than those two and i can’t remember what it is. verizon fios is not in my area yet and i’ve been waiting for that forever.

150GB is more than sufficient for playing games. You can expect an online game to use close to 50-60MB per hour… which means that you could actually play 24/7 all 31 days of the month and not even come close to hitting the 150GB limit.

You probably spent more bandwidth watching Final Round this weekend than you did last month playing games. On that note, 150GB may not be sufficient if you like to watch a lot of streams or Netflix,

AT&T is complete dick, though.

Rogers is one of the 2 biggest phone/internet/tv providers in Canada along with Bell. :confused:

never heard of it so i assumed it was small but now that you say that they’re in Canada, that makes more sense. the OP looks like he’s based in Florida? i don’t know if they have Rogers there or not.

I never heard of Rogers that’s a good thing I’m guessing…now that sounds like horrible Internet

I am here:,-82.489511

Same bullshit phone service too. :confused:

Those are some mad overage charges for a small business data plan.