Question on Blocking Frames

How soon after you press backwards for block do you start blocking? Is it immediate? And when you go from standing neutral to crouching blocking, do you begin blocking just as immediately or are there some frames where you’re not blocking because you have to do the crouching animation? Anyone know?

Im almost positive its immidiate. If someone with frame data on this wants to prove me wrong, be my guest. But thinking about it, Ive blocked tons of things that come out very quickly i.e. Chuns super, wakeup shoryukens, etc. Things at point black range that I didnt block until they were right in my face.
But yeah, Im not positive. Try reading the thread on frame data at the top of the board, someone there might know.
edit:Im not sure how many frames Chuns cr.LP comes out in, but I know its the fastest or one of the fastest normals in the game and Ive blocked that at point black range plenty of times on reaction. The only move I can think of that has a 1 frame startup is the Gigas, and of course you cant block that so I guess theres no way to know???
Im curious about this too now someone please help lol!

Two supers has a one frame-startup. Gigas and PPP-Aegis.

and ibuki sa2.

Dudley’s SA3 is a 1-frame start-up too.

Dudley SA3 has 2 frame start-up

Hugo - Gigas 1 frame
Urien - 2P Reflector 1 frame
Remy - Blue Nocturne 1 frame
Ibuki - Yorodi Doshi 1 frame

isn’t kikosho 1 frame as well?

I think both chun-li jabs c./st. jab are 3 frames

Chun-li d.jab is 2 frames. =(

Yes, Kikosho is 1 frame, and you can block it even if you weren’t blocking before the flash, therefore blocking is immediate.

chun c jab is 2 frames. so is her s.jab.

my bad :frowning:

Since I have time, I’ll list all the SAs that Brady Games lists as 1-frame start-up in the SFAC Guide.

Akuma: SA2(Messatsu Goushoryu); Raging Demon (When activated right next to the opponent)
Alex: None
Chun-Li: SA1 (Kikoushou)
Dudley: SA1 (Rocket Uppercut); SA3 (Corkscrew Blow)
Elena: SA1 (Spinning Beat); SA2 (Brave Dance)
Hugo: SA1 (Gigas Breaker)
Ibuki: SA2 (Yoroi-Doushi; only the grab version)
Ken: SA1 (Shoryu Reppa)
Makoto: SA1 (Seichusen Godanzuki)
Necro: None
Oro: None
Q: None
Remy: SA2 (Supreme Rising Rage Flash); SA3 (Blue Nocturne)
Ryu: SA2 (Shin Shoryuken)
Sean: SA2 (Shoryu Cannon)
Twelve: None
Urien: SA1 (Tyrant Slaughter/Punish); SA2 (Jupiter Thunder [can’t remember what the game translates it as]); SA3 (Aegis Reflector; only the PPP version)
Yang: SA2 (Tenshin Senkyutai)
Yun: SA1 (You Hou); SA3 (Genei Jin)

Some supers have no activation frames listed:

Elena: SA3 (Healing)
Makoto: SA3 (Tanden Renki)
Oro: SA1 (Kishin Riki); SA3 (Tengu Stone)
Q: SA3 (Total Destruction)
Twelve: SA3 (X.C.O.P.Y.)
Yang: SA3 (Seiei Enbu)

I guess this means that they’re all instantaneous activations. It makes sense, since none of them can cause any damage instantaneously; and they’re all on a timer.

It’s surprising that Yun’s Genei Jin has an activation frame, since Yang’s SA3 doesn’t have one. Perhaps it’s a way to balance the game a bit? It makes me wonder; does that mean that Yun can be knocked out of Genei-Jin before it’s actually activated?

Healing: 3 frames (plus 75 cancellable frames)
Tanden Renki: 1 frame (Makoto’s invincible for 6 frames)
Kishin Riki: 17 frames
EX Kishin Riki: 12 frames
Tengu Stone: 17 frames
EX Tengu Stone: 17 frames
Total Destruction: 6 frames
XCOPY: 1 frame
Seiei Enbu: 16 frames

Thanks guy… That guide didn’t have numbers, so I just assumed the obvious. It makes more sense this way, now that I think about it.

Edit: Jinrai, you live in Edmonton? Do you ever play at SUB?

SUB’s sticks suck. Hell, I haven’t even been to Circuit Circus in over half a year. I just play 3S on PS2 with Moe when he’s in town.

If you’ve ever played against a stocky white/latin guy using Oro, that was me.

Haha… I’ve heard about you, I think. Did you go to SUB once and waste everyone there? I heard of an expert Oro player that had 40+ wins in a row (or something like that). You’re quite a beast, I hear.

It was somewhere around 55 wins, but I’m really not that good. I just knew the game a little better than those guys. Play Moe, he’s the real beast around here.

$1 for two credits is retarded. SUB players are credit thieves.

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How do you define startup frames? When one says “3 frame startup”, do you mean it hits on the third frame or the fourth?

That SFAC-guide list looked like bogus to me.

for the start up on supers, do they refer to after activation (dark screen freeze)or before activation (before screeen freeze)?

I’ve noticed that there is animation before the super activation freeze. When you KNOCK OUT someone and then a super comes out, the slow-mo would allow time for you to see that.

No i don’t think so. The other dude is “frozen” and can’t do shit, so they just forget about it to make it easier. I don’t think they count pre-flash either.