Question on charge buffering double tackles

I cant seem to pull off double tackles off of c.fp for the life of me. Anyone know how to make this alot easier, or explain the mechanics?

start by doing an ex first with a mk tackle after and take it from there. It helped me a lot

the way ilearned how to do it was by hitting Rh tackle than fk tackle i made life easier in the long run as you ll remember the timings as the rh tackle will only hit if done at the earliest possible moment and the mk tackle will only hit if you ve charged enough and inputted the forward motion, but in the process of learning double tackles its better to have a whiff tackle than a mk as it means progress takes time but once learnt cant believe hw easy it is hope that helped dude

get the first tackle off then (b4 the elbow animation ends)> forward back, (when the bodies falling down *after *the peak of the juggle)> lk\mk(or if u got balls the 1 frame link with hk) > the key to the next step is that you clearly and quickly hit forward and then back before you hit kickā€¦then just find the timing and do it again.
thats a buffer and personally i will always use buffers
ot be easier for you) except when i get the fireball tackles corner combo. > buffer tackle#1>buffer tackle#2>buffer tackle#3> for shotos at this point i gota partition or i whiff nothing (tackle #4 partitioned)

hit forward, then neutral before you do the MK for tackle, make sure to do it as SOON as possible, you can tell how soon the tackle hits by how high they are launched into the air by it, after that, do an LK tackle, to understand the timing, after a while, start using MK, which has less lenient timing on the first tackle.

when using a stick, try to spend as little time as possible going between downback and forward, this is probably the easiest mistake to make. dont slam the stick, try and keep it as close to neutral as possible when making it register forward and down back.