Question on choice

So I finally decided on a main. Seth. Do any pro players main him? Has anyone had success in tournament play with him? Can anyone give me an outline of ALL the things I need to be learning in order to survive that level of play w/ Seth. I know the info is here, but its overwhelming and if it could be broken down into parts, that would make info gathering that much easier for me. Also on Seth. Could he survive in the right hands at something like Evo? Or Godsgarden? I just want a sort of thorough run down of Seth and what I need. I am sorry if this is confusing, no sleep, and I am not sure I am conveying what it is I am looking for. Oh and I am very much into working up to competitive play. Thanks.

PS. As far as the outline goes, be specific if you can. Does he have any fireball/teleport traps like Dhalsim??

Well if you’re wanting to look at good Seth’s check out OnlineTony, Hiropon and Poongko and just look at how they tear down their opponents. The thing that put me off learning Seth was the fact I got raped by scrubs when trying to practice due his unbelievably low health, but I guess if you have patience with him you can get pretty good. The Seth boards also have some pretty nice information if you haven’t checked that out yet…

For a trap:

Full-screen lp. sonic boom FADC -> teleport behind opponent is decent as long as the opponent isn’t sure how to block it.

Faz^ pointed out some of the best.