Question On Customizing A Madcatz TE2

I’m customizing A TE2 + Stick And I’m gonna Spray The Bezel and side panels From Black to Purple To Match my Juri theme My questions Are Should I Sand it down with Sandpaper First and What Brand of Spray Paint Would you Recommend to Use Any help Would Be Appreciated Thank You

thanks for posting your topic. However, you may not see a reply (or you may see your topic deleted entirely) by the TT admins. There is a stickied Q&A at the top of the subforum here that you can pose your question in. Discussion is encouraged of course on SRK, but be forewarned; not everyone is nice about it as I am.

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well I Apreciate your honesty I figured if anyone could give me a simple answer it would be here worse case they delete it ill look elsewhere thanks again sir