Question on desyncing and how to fix it

Well I’ve been having an excellent time playing SSFIIT and VS2 with fairly local people but I wanted to play one of my friends way out in Nebraska in VS2 (I’m in California) Well amazingly there appeared to be no lag, but unfortunately the game must have been extremely out of sync. I’m using NFBA feb 11 version. To test and make sure thats what it was I chose random in VS2 and asked what character I’d chosen and it had given different results to him then it did to me. I’m assuming this means it was giving my keystrokes at a different time to him than for me. I’ve played a friend who is within driving distance of my house, and a few other people as well, but didn’t have any issue with this. Does anyone know what causes this problem or how to fix it? I’d preffer moderate lag to completely desynced fluidity. Your prompt responses fall upon eager ears, thank you very much in advance for whatever you have to say.

I’ve had a lot fewer issues with desynching using the DTR9 version of nFBA.

Desync only seems to happen to me If i try and do shit while I’m playing (like between rounds etc) or if someone else is browsing on the network while I’m playing.

Thank you very much for your responses! I’ll have to check if any of that is helpful! Where would one get said more stable DTR9 version?


Have you had any luck so far?

In the NFBA thread, about a similar problem: