Question on double cr lp+lk press (SSF4: AE)

I was watching an “elite” Yun stream just now, 16th or 17th ranked player on xbl, and I had the input display turned on so I could study what power of attacks (light, medium etc.) he was using for his specials. I noticed that, every time he started his bread n butter combo with crouching lk (cr. lk. X3 xx Choppy hands X3), the input display would show that he was hitting lk and lp simultaneously for each of the initial 3 lk.'s, even though it appeared all he needed was the cr. lk presses.

My question is, was there a purpose to this, some kind of option-select, maybe, or was it just a quirk of an individual player mashing unnecessary buttons?

Choppy hands? LOL

I assume you mean yang, if it looked something like

he was plinking it.

Yeah, you mean Yang.

He may well have been p-linking the cr.LKs, but my intial thought was that he would be crouch teching and then carrying on doing it until he does the Mantis Slashes. You often get a hit with a crouch tech and have to combo from it you see.

Yeah, I meant Yang, sorry bout that.

Thanks for the input, found some good vids on plinking and I get it now. Also didn’t know about “crouch teching”, that’s a concept I shall endeavor to employ, seems useful.

As far as crouch teching goes, I will try to give you a couple examples with Ryu.

When being pressured, or when starting a combo, I use db+LK+LP instead of just db+LK. If the opponent does nothing, your cr.LK will come out. If the opponent tries to throw you, you will break or “tech” the throw. Sometimes when playing against Rufus and being pressured, I will use db+LK+LP+MP (instead of just db+MP) so that if he tries to throw, I will tech it, but if he does an instant air dive, I will knock him out of the air.