Question on Guilty Gear


Are there any major differences between the X and the XX series, or is XX superior to X in every way? I know someone who owns a PS2 and I’m wondering if they could have both games if they’re both different games.


like the day and the night, GGXX has many features that GGX doesnt have, specially GGXX AC the ultimate revision on the XX series
GGXX AC has Roman Cancels, False Roman Cancels, SlashBacks, Force Breaks to name some mechanics, better balance and more charcters + revised characters with different move lists and propierties


So in other words there’s no reason to get any of the GGX games.


thecnically there is only one GGX, and yes, the only reason that i can think to get it is for nostalgic reasons
we are talking about 2 games that have almost 7 years of differences between them


LOL the only reason to get GGX is the music( sounds way more different than GGXX) Otherwise just get the Guilty Gear XX games.


Fixed it. :wink:


What he said. Learn Dizzy’s 2HS FDC and make everyone you play with black list you IRL.


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XX is superior. they have similarities (roman cancel, gatling combos, launchers, air dash and stuff), but the latest of the XX is the one to play (ggxx accent core). there are still some players that prefer ggxx reload/slash then accent core, though.


you also forgot axl low’s Hunchback of Notre Dame sprite version


nah that was GG1 on PSX


lol please link this.


If I recall correctly, the X’s soundtrack was the one using a drum machine right versus XX onwards having live drums?


You asked?


wtf, he’s so muscular in that sprite.

GGX also has that amazing mumbling robot announcer


Still though, he looks like a pansy with the way his shirt is tied up in a knot. wtf


Lets see I have
Guilty Gear X
Guilty Gear XX Slash (japan import)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +
They all play differently, almost like… the different iterations of street fighter and king of fighters…


The differences between them are closer to the SF2 revisions than something like SF2 > SF3


has the guilty gear franchise been discontinued?


Well, the series kind of took a down hill after GG2: Overture. However, if I remember correctly, Daisuki Ishiwatari (the creater of GG) promised in a recent interview that he would eventually finish the GG story line. That being said, I’m not really sure whether the next game would be a 2D fighter (or any fighter game at all).
I hope though that they will release GGXXAC+ one day on XBL and PSN, ASW said something along the line that it might be possible if the demand for it is great enough.