Question on HRAP3


Is there a way, via adapter or such, to make a HRAP3 for ps3 work on a 360? or would I need to get an EX stick as well?


u better off dual mod ur ps3 hrap. for adapter there is but i hear isnt that great. there is via adapter that will work for xbox 360 but u stick needs ps2 pcb.


The converter is like $90 too. Which is about what it will cost you to dual mod the stick. I would go that route.


Hori joysticks are non common ground from what i’ve read, so you would have to replace a common grund ps3 pcb as well as add a 360 one.


The HRAP3 is common ground. The only HRAP that isn’t common ground is the HRAP EX.


So dual mod it? So I could dual mod the Hrap3? or would I need to build the controller from the ground up? I see alot of it uses the cthulhu board. So I just replace the Hrap3 board?


Yes, you could replace the HRAP3 board with a Cthulhu or just dual mod the 360 pad with the HRAP3 board itself.


You should just dual-mod the hrap3 board unless you want Gamecube and Xbox1/2 functionality which the MC Cthulhu would give you.

Theres a guide here that shows you how to do it:

You can use an imp board instead of the DPDT switch if you don’t want the switch sticking out of the HRAP3


One thing about using the IMP board. If you play Tekken, don’t use it. Use a DPDT switch. Pressing start and select at the same time in Tekken resets the game.


If I recall correctly you can wire up the home button on the stick (HRAP3 in this scenario) for the actual console switch OR wire up the start and select buttons as the console switch. So hes good to go if he makes the home button the actual switch.


Yeah, all the 360 hori sticks are not common ground


This is off topic but can Seimitsu LS-32-01 fit into HRAP3 without any major modification?


Unless you consider this not a lot of work.

And the other thing being a lot of work is modify Mounting Bracket or Control Panel.


i attempted and failed at modifying the hrap3…

the home/guide button solder point was just a real pain in teh ass to get a decent point. I accidently removed the copper film of the button and as a result… screwed up the whole pcb :S

i’ll now be putting a cthuhlu in it and using the common ground 4671 xbox pcb and trying that route.


have you tried scraping the trace?


yeah but i’m no expert… i just can’t seem to get a decent solder point


So i guess there’s no other way except using LS-56-01.


that doesnt look like alot of work to put the ls32-01 in


For a nub like me, no. lol.

Just curious though, LS-32-01 come with “s” mounting plate, that cannot fit in HRAP3
but LS-56-01 come with “VF” mounting plate which can fit in HRAP3 perfectly.
I wonder if LS-32-01 “s” mounting plate can be replaced by “VF” mounting plate?



The Compact Joysticks; LS-33, LS-55(-01), LS-56(-01); have differently spaced holes for putting Mounting Plate onto Joystick compared to LS-32(-01) and LS-40(-01).
That is because the Compact Joysticks have Microswitch closer to each other.

Means the Compacts have Mounting Plates less wider (except for VF Mounting Plate).
But the MS and VF Mounting Plate still cannot be put onto non-Compact Joysticks.
The holes for mounting will not match.

Mounting Plates of LS-32 and LS-40(-01) (RE Mounting Plate), LS-32-01 (SS Mounting Plate) are 65.0mm in width.
Mounting Plates of LS-33, LS-55(-01) (MS Mounting Plate) are 50.0mm in width.
Mounting Plates of LS-56(-01) (VF Mounting Plate) are 65.0mm in width.

There is however, a Mounting Plate made for Compact Joysticks to have same width as non-Compact.
Seimitsu P-40 Mounting Plate, made for LS-33, LS-55(-01), LS-56(-01).